Reinstall XP PRo hangs up at "setup is inspecting...configuration"

By Mark2.0 ·
I am trying to reinstall XP Pro on a Vostro 200. The computer was originally purchased with the XP PRo downgrade from Vista. In two previously successful attempts from two other identical machines, they would also hang up, but I flashed the BIOS and actually physically removed the battery from the motherboard to reset it and viola, XP Pro installs smoothly. The newest (third) computer, is wise to my trickery and is not cooperating. All BOIS settings are same as the two successful computers. Any other ideas???

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And the reason for the reinstall is ? {nt}

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Reinstall XP PRo hangs up ...
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Reason for reinstall

by Mark2.0 In reply to And the reason for the re ...

The computer is moving within the company to a different location and I have always had better luck with those kinds of transfers by reinstalling a fresh copy of XP. When I don't, the computers tend to have all kinds of quirky problems.

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Well, that's a new one on me ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Reason for reinstall

Still, each to their own methods I s'pose.

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Are you using the Dell OS CD?

by LarryD4 In reply to Reinstall XP PRo hangs up ...

I assume you are using the DELL OS install CD, but which one? I have had issues with the original Dell install CD's hanging on inspecting config, with either the original roll out of XP and XP Sp1. Been using the DELL XP Sp3 CD and haven't had any issues.

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Dell OS CD

by Mark2.0 In reply to Are you using the Dell OS ...

I have tried a Dell OS SP2 and SP3 disks, both of which hang up at the same spot. The Vista Business SP1 OS disk has no problem loading. Not many people here are familiar enough with Vista to use it effectively. We have steered clear of Vista on purpose, and seemingly justifiably so.

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When you say "hangs"

by Kenone In reply to Reinstall XP PRo hangs up ...

What exactly do you mean? Is the HDD working? What about the CD? What happens if you eject the CD?

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by Mark2.0 In reply to When you say "hangs"

The "Setup" statement is as far in the install process as XP Pro will go at this point. The HDD has no detected issues and the CD Drive is functioning as well. When I eject the CD in the middle of this process, the CD Drive sounds like it is just barely moving. Its like its trying to read it, but it just doesn't want to. And as I said before, the Vista disk loads just fine. A techie at Dell said once before when I did the first one of these that it was a BIOS problem. I have flashed this one's BIOS to get the most current edition, but to no avail.

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any bare OEM CDs in your tool kit?

by Who Am I Really In reply to Reinstall XP PRo hangs up ...

I've found the majority of the time the COA key on the side of the machine will be accepted by a bare unbranded OEM OS install CD,
you know the ones that say:
"For Distribution Only with a new PC"

I've resorted to restoring machines that way, using an OEM CD and the branded COA Key from the original install,

the COA key on the side has to match the OS and be the same version;
OEM XP-Pro will not work with that HP or Dell XP-Home COA stuck to the side of the machine, and generally it needs to be the same service pack or lower on the branded COA key to work with the bare OEM CD.

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CD's being used ...

by Mark2.0 In reply to any bare OEM CDs in your ...

I am using the OEM OS disks from Dell for the Dell PC. Because I am not sure if the PC was an original SP2 or SP3, I have tried both and no luck as of yet. I have XP Pro factory installed when they are shipped, so these disks should work. But not yet.

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those are branded OEM CDs

by Who Am I Really In reply to CD's being used ...

I'm talking about the Bare OEM CDs that the local system builder shop uses, and Tiger Direct or Newegg etc. sell with their DIY systems;

the Dell branded CD has a small piece of code that checks to see if the system is a Dell and then either installs, hangs, or spouts back saying:
"This is a Dell CD and can only be used with a Dell System"

if you have a DIY system builder Bare OEM CD windows should install, and without all the Dell Bloatware.

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