Reinstallation Web browser password bank

By kimchiew ·
I recently had to re-install Mozilla Firefox on my Asus V1 labtop. Now a message keeps apperaing saying the labtop needs to install brwser support of password bank Upek Ltd. When I click ok another message appears to say that "password bank has found that Firefox was uninstalled from this computer. please confirm following elevation request to remove orphan password bank. When I click Ok the first message appears again. This process keeps repeating even after re-starting the computer. A search on Asus or Upek websites offers no helpful info. Any help will be deeply appreciated.

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What piece of software

by OH Smeg In reply to Reinstallation Web browse ...

Where you using previously to manage your Passwords in FF?

You need to reinstall this Plug in to fix the problem that you have listed.


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software for managing passwords

by kimchiew In reply to What piece of software

I didn't install any articular software. Can you tell me how to find out whether the Asus labtop comes with any software? Thanks

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? problem

by kimchiew In reply to What piece of software

Found this on another site. May be the solution to my problem but I don't know where to find the registry key.

Firefox and Fingerprint Password Bank Version Mismatch
You will run into a problem with the Upek Fingerprint Scanning Password bank when updating Mozilla Firefox intentionally or via the auto-update feature.

This occurs with version 5.6 of the Upek Fingerprint Scanning Software when updating from Mozilla Firefox version to A similar issue occurred with the previous version of the Upek software after updating from version 1.5 to 2.0 of Mozilla Firefox.

To remedy the incompatibility issue you must edit your registry.

Locate registry key:


There is a subkey under that it'll be called " (en-US)" without the quotes. (it looks like a subfolder)

Change it to say " (en-US)" again, exclude the quotes.

Within that key there is a CurrentVersion also change that value to
" (en-US)" from " (en-US)".

For the older version of the Upek software perform the same steps but substitute
the appropriate version numbers in the instructions.

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Another case of the TR Dreaded Double Post. <NT> X-(

by OH Smeg In reply to ? problem
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Your up late.

by OH Smeg In reply to ? problem

I've just been going through the ASUS Web Site for the available downloads for the V1 Series of ASUS NB's.

You can find it here

& I'm supposing you will need to look under the Utilities Subheading though I'm not 100% sure.

But the Original will be on the Recovery Disc & or Recovery Partition and you should be able to reinstall it from there.

As for Editing the Registry if you are comfortable in doing this by all means do it but I would suggest that you make a copy of the Registry and place a Shortcut on your Desktop so you can find it easily before **** anything. That way if something goes wrong you can return the unit to the current configuration without any problems.

That way you shouldn't be any worse of that you currently are.

But if you are uncomfortable in Editing the Registry I would suggest that you don't as the possibility of causing more troubles that you currently have is great.

The Upeak Web Site is located here and you should be able to get this to work with FF by reloading from the Recovery Disc or Recovery Partition.


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my problem solved - thanks

by kimchiew In reply to Your up late.

As suggested by the link below, the easier way that has been proven to work is to uninstall Protector Suite.

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