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    Reinstalling MS Word 2000


    by Anonymous ·

    I’ve had Microsoft Office 2000 (Small Business) operating efficiently on my PC for several years without any problems. The other day, without reason, I lost my MS Word capabilities. I tried, without success, to reinstall just MS Word. Then I totally deleted my Office 2000 (which contains MS Word, MS Publisher, Excel, Outlook and Internet Explorer) and reinstalled it. All programs, except MS Word, reinstalled without problem….Can anyone help me?

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      by Anonymous ·

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      Don’t mean to sound flippant, but

      by nicknielsen ·

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      Why not replace MS Office with Open Office?

      I’ve been running it almost exclusively for the past several years and have had very few problems with document exchange between the two programs. The learning curve for most users will be very short, mostly while they learn the different menu structure.

      The OOo Open Document formats take much less drive space than do MSOffice formats, OOo saves files in MS format using less space than MS Office, and OOo can even open and recover files that MS Office reports as “corrupted.”

      Oh, yes, and it’s free! If your PC Tech can’t or won’t support it, somebody in your area can.

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      Me too

      by richardmh ·

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      I’ve had the same problem today. Did you manage to fix it? Do you know what caused it?



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      you need to

      by sue t ·

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      Doing an uninstall does not remove all parts of office which is what you need to do. Microsoft has utilities that you can download and run for free that will completely remove Office and then you will be able to reinstall and it should fix your problem. Since it has been awhile since I’ve done this you will need to do a search for ms office eraser. Follow the instructions and you should be good to go.

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        Thanks Sue

        by richardmh ·

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        In fact, I removed every application that seemed surplus to requirement or couldn’t remember what purpose it served, and after a while Word decided to open.

        Some people suggested I download a program like Spybot to look for spyware and I tried two. The first told me that I had 2,000 problems and the second ground to a halt, but both wanted money to solve the problems that they had identified.

        My guess is that the problem was with a program like hotbar or similar.

        Thanks anyway.


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