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Reinstalling Windows 98 SE, and software

By shelljor ·
just recently reinstalled Win 98 Second Edition, and the software that came in the instalation disks (as a package).
After rebooting, a window opened for a short time with a message: Deleting c:\cabs

My question is simple. Is that normal ?

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by radiic In reply to Reinstalling Windows 98 S ...

Having Fdisk'ed, Formatted, and re-installed W98 se many times on many computers, I can insure you that that is not normal. That being said I have to quantify it now. Maybe you are using a boot disk with a batch file that copies the cab files to the hard drive then runs the install from there and after everything is installed properly it removes the cab files to save room on the HD.

Me personally I always Fdisk,format,then copy the cab files to a directory called win98 on the c:\drive then run the install from there. The advantage being that when ever windows needs to find drivers it will look in the install path first....Bamn No cd needed to install new parts.


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or "maybe"

by eBob In reply to Nope

On the topic of the original post, this might be "normal", if (as was pointed out) the re-install of Win98 uses some form of batch file, that makes temporary copies of the dot-CAB files. I believe this is the case with some IBMs and their effective (if somewhat arbitrary) "Recovery CD".

Like the previous post, when restoring I prefer:
1 - fdisk, partition and format
2 - copy setup CD to somewhere on the HD
3 - install from HD

But this won't work with "Recovery CD".

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Always fair to install clean

by shuja52 In reply to or "maybe"

I am agreed with this opinion that whenever you are re-installing any OS reinstall it all over agian by formattng your boot partition

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