Reinstalling windows XP

By shermanenergy ·
I have a 4 year old HP running windows XP home. By this time the registry looks like a junkyard and there are all sorts of semi known and hard to distinguish processes running that don't seem to connect to any actual functions. And the computer has slowed dramatically. I'm thinking about a windows reinstall. The problem is the computer did not come with a set of installation disks- foolish me. It does have a valid windows certificate label on the case with the requisite numbers. Can I take a set of windows XP disks (borrowed, perhaps) and reinstall using my certiifcation code or do I have to obtain the disks from HP? I'm not planning to upgrade this machine to Vista at this point.

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Reinstalling from borrowed disks

by Zydeco Blue In reply to Reinstalling windows XP

doesn't usually work, at least not in my experience. There are a few programs I have used that have saved me from formatting my machine. CCleaner ( seems to work pretty well. I cleared out almost 300Mb of junk, fragmented unused files, broken or incorrect registry information. Also TuneUp Utilities.
Try something along those lines before resorting to a Windows reinstall. If it does come down to a reinstall, you may want to call HP. That was exactly what I was going to have to do until I found my restore cds.

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Similar issue

by bdhageman In reply to Reinstalling windows XP

I recently had someone come to me with a similar problem. They had spent many hours on the phone with HP but due to the PCs age they no longer had any sets of the installation discs. They told her to try Ebay for bootleg copies. I was able to get a copy of XP Home OEM and her license certficate did work for that. So that is always an option, just don't get all that bundled apps that HP throws on there, the drivers can still be obtained from their web site.

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I agree

by Lupster In reply to Similar issue

I always come across individuals that bought PCs and have lost their CDs. I always keep a copy of different OEM Versions and use their keys. It usually works. When borrowin g CDs, make sure its from a like manufacturer. A Gateway CD will not install on a Dell. and Viser Versa.

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by shermanenergy In reply to Similar issue

Both the replies are helpful and I'm going to try to find an OEM set of disks.

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You would do better

by Kiltie In reply to Thanks

to find a set of XP installation CDs.

The problem with OEM ones is the licence, they are limited to one machine only.

Get a retail installation, or wait until Vista.

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I don't know if this applies in your situation

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks

But HP is currently shipping Computers where you make your own Startup Disc's. 4 DVD's or 16 CD's if I remember correctly.

That may be an available option for you to run from the existing OS as it will only copy the install files across without any of the other junk. If you have this option you'll be able to reinstall to As New Condition fairly easily.


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by Gill In reply to I don't know if this appl ...

No other PC company has provided me the level of support they have over 20 yrs. The merger required HP to beef up their support. They put a seperate RECOVERY PARTITION on each box. ALWAYS call and request a RECOVERY CD SET and pay the 10 bucks. Once the new machine is setup, open the PC & throw the disks inside, and leave them there until you need them.

Otherwise -- Install from ANY XP home discs and use your key code. If and when it blows, phone MicroShaft, you paid for it; you have a valid COA; they should provide you with a registration string or whatever you need.

This and future problems solved.

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