Reinstalling Windows XP Professional in dual boot with XP home Edition

By firefox5000 ·
I have two hard drives. One of them has XP home and the other has XP professional.

Now I want to delete the hard drive where xp professional is installed by using the xp pro install disc.

Will this damage the Xp home boot process, that is will I be able to start XP home normally without geting any errors?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Reinstalling Windows XP P ...

What drive contains the first installation? If it is the XP Pro edition, you will need to do some work to get the drive to boot...

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Reinstall windows

by firefox5000 In reply to Maybe

XP home was first installed on the first hard drive, its a OEM version.

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by PC-guru In reply to Reinstalling Windows XP P ...

yes since they are on diffrent drivers they have diffrent MBR's so you have no danger of messing up the xp home install

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Windows reinstall

by firefox5000 In reply to yes

That is most likely since the bootsetup on my pc listed two MBR:s, one for each of the hard drives and the both drives partition style is MBR on location 0(0).

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If anything goes astray

by Jacky Howe In reply to Reinstalling Windows XP P ...

It is easy to fix. I take it that XP Pro is on the second Disk. Go ahead and delete the XP Pro install. I would delete the Partition and recreate it.

If you cannot Boot from XPHome, Boot from the XPHome CD and At the "Welcome to Setup" screen, press 'R" to repair. This will take you to a command prompt. After getting to the Microsoft Windows recovery console you will need to select the Windows installation you wish to log onto. Therefore press 1 if you wish to edit the primary Windows installation.

After selecting the installation you will be prompted for the administrator password, enter the password exactly as you would in Windows. If you do not know the Windows administrator password you cannot enter the recovery mode

When you get to the prompt type in

fixmbr and press Enter
fixboot and press Enter

type in exit and the PC will restart. Remove the CD and you should be good to go.

<missed a bit>

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Windows reinstall

by firefox5000 In reply to If anything goes astray

I have a OEM version of XP home. There is a preinstalled Microsoft Windows recovery console that appears like a second chice during startup. I should be able to use it as you described it above.

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You should be good to go :) <NT>

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows reinstall

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