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reinstalling WindowsXp

By danielfotescu ·
How to reinstall Windows Xp without having to re-activate it?

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by dmiles In reply to reinstalling WindowsXp

If you need to reinstall Windows XP on the same machine, you won't need a new license. If you do not (re)format the hard disk prior to reinstalling, Windows XP will remain activated (the activation data is stored on the hard disk). Reactivation on the same PC can be completed as many times as required.

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by wcp In reply to reinstalling WindowsXp

If you reinstall Windows on top of the current one with the same or insignificant hardware (HW) change, you do not need to activate (Windows will ask you if you are required to activate).
However, if there was a significant HW change (e.g. motherboard), you HAVE to activate again. Depending on the HW, you have 0 to 3 days to reactivate.

If you install Windows XP from scratch, you need to activate again whether there was any HW change or not. To prevent reactivation when there was no or insignificant HW change, you need to save WPA.DBL file from Windows\Syatem32 folder before Windows installation. After the installation, restore the file. If there was a significant HW change, there is no way around not activating.

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