Reinstalling XP Pro

By kstickler ·
Dummy IT person here: I had the blue sceen of death on my networked laptop computer (it is my office computer from a virus attack). I cleaned up the computer and reinstalled XP Pro 2002 and now can't find my wireless information. A laptop isn't worth much if it can't be used wirelessly! : }

In simple instructions, can someone help me get my wireless working again? What did I miss on the installation process that might have correctly set it up? Shall I reinstall XP again or is this a fix without reinstalling?

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Device drivers

by Nimmo In reply to Reinstalling XP Pro

Sounds like you need to install the device drivers. You should have another disk that came with your laptop that contains all the device drivers. If not no biggy just go to the vendors website, and do a search under support for drivers for that model of your laptop.

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Beyond the XP install there are 4 or 5 other drivers needed ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Reinstalling XP Pro

So, if you can't find the Drivers Disc (the other disc that came with your laptop) then, when you visit the manufacturer's website, you should be looking for downloads of the following:

Chipset Drivers
Soundcard Drivers
Network Adaptor Drivers
Graphics Drivers
Wireless Drivers
..and anything else they may have available for your make and model of laptop.

*Be aware - if your Sound chip runs on the Realtek AC97 system, these drivers MUST be installed BEFORE you connect the laptop to the internet for the first time. Realtek drivers do not carry Microsoft Approval, so if you allow the laptop to connect to the internet, the very first place it'll run off to is the Microsoft site to install updates to the operating system. If it does this and the Realtek drivers have not yet been installed, you will NEVER be able to successfully install them at any point from then on.

They have to be installed before the laptop talks to Microsoft.

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check on device manger

by vuiyeechin In reply to Beyond the XP install the ...

Check on you device manager.

Right click My Computer --> Manage -> Device manger.

you might miss out the driver.

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by tintoman In reply to Beyond the XP install the ...

Is that right? I must admit I never had such a problem and I always leave computers connected to the internet once I have the ethernet drivers loaded - thanks for the tip anyway

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