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Reinstalling xp with original product key and borrowed disc

By babyanus ·
Hello, I might be missing something really stupid by saying this but I can't find a situation on the existing posts the same as mine. Basically I have lost my xp installer disc. the computer came with xp installed and my product key is stuck to the case, so I have a legit key. I borrowed an installer disc but it said the key was incorrect. I phoned dell who sere useless. They said I would need to buy a new disc. This seems pretty unfair.How can the viewkeyxp program help (if at all)? I used the key on the back of the disc in haste and I can't activate this so I'm totally stuck.
Any ideas?

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Dell is correct

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Reinstalling xp with orig ...

Not because of anything with the XP installer but because they don't actually supply a full XP CD. They slipstream the necessary drivers onto a CD and have a special copy of XP to work from so if you have XP Home from Dell you can not use a XP Home OEM CD to install from or a XP Home CD from HP, Compaq, Gateway or any of those places as they have a limited range of available Product Keys and your's will not work with their CD's. However if you got the same version Dell Recovery CD you can install from that with your product key.

If you can not borrow an install CD from a friend with a similar machine your only alternative is to buy a new Install CD from Dell. It's a lot cheaper than buying an OEM or Retail Install CD which is what M$ is quite within their rights to demand and which will not have all the correct drivers on it for you to work from. But on the up side if you where to loose that one you could use any OEM/Retail Microsoft CD of the same type to install from.

The answer here is Don't loose or misplace the original media that comes with the computer as it's necessary.

If you don't want to buy a new Recovery CD from Dell you can take the computer to some computer shop or maybe advertise for a burnt copy of the Dell CD for your model computer. If you go with the last option you'll need to get a CD from the same spec machine or a very similar spec machine for it to work.

If you think that what you are facing is unfair because you lost the Recovery CD how do you think one of my clients feels that bought a Gateway Machine and it broke so a New M'Board was installed which was different to the original so there are some unfilled holes in the back plate and what's the best thing is that the Original Recovery CD will not install because it's only supposed to install on Gateway Products and since the M'Board has been changed the original install CD no longer sees this computer as a Gateway Machine and there is no replacement Install CD available so you can not load the Proper Gateway Drivers and retain the original Product Key.


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by JamesRL In reply to Dell is correct

I have installed a "generic" OEM copy of Windows XP Home on a Dell PC, using the Dell Key on the side of the computer.

The OEM copy is intended to be sold with hardware from places that sell to home builders. It differs from retail in that there are no manuals, but you do get the proper keys and holographic stickers, etc. It sells for less than retail but still a considerable amoutn - far more than buying paying Dell for replacement CDs, but if you know someone that has one its worth a shot.

It didn't activate automatically and I had to call Microsoft's activation hotline and explain that I was using a non Dell copy of XP, but the Dell XP key. They walked me through the process and it was all good. You can then download the model specific drivers from the Dell website.

I wouldn't guarentee this would work with all models though.


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My XP problems

by ralphsabean In reply to Dell is correct

I bought my PC on installments from Aliant/Bell. When I got this one I was already using XP Pro on my old system I built and had XP pro installed registered etc. This newer System had XP home edition already installed on it and the disc's I had were Dell so I believe all they gave me was few drivers for XP and no installation sofware to reinstall if necessary. My software runs fine but I still want to reinstall because I copied most of what was on my old system onto the newer system. The reason being that when I copied i copied the who C drive so I ended up with many files with same or similar names. The system when restarting come up with a cannot find documents folder error message and I have to turn it off by cancelling it in the system. I tried everything I could think of and my Son a Tech also but the only way Is a reinstall. What do you think?

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You should have started a new question...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to My XP problems

You've replied to a 2-year old thread and asked a new question (different problem). You should have started your own question.

But, since you're here...

What you've got here is a total mess. You should NOT have copied the entire C drive from the old computer over to the new one. I suspect the only way to dig out of this hole is going to be to set the computer back to the way it was when you bought it. And, this will probably require wiping the entire drive, loosing all of your documents in the process. That is, unless you take the system to someone who knows what they're doing. THEY might be able to recover something for you.

Did your new system come with a recovery CD or instructions on how to create one?

<edited for typo>

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i am facing problems while installng windows xp on my computer

by nath.satyendra In reply to My XP problems

following files are not being copied to my system:
I want to know the possible it that my harddisk has crashed or something else...plz help me!

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by jdmercha In reply to Reinstalling xp with orig ...

The XP product key is for a specific version of XP. A key code for XP pro won't work for XP home. A key code for XPSP1 won't work with XPSP2. (And so on, and so on.)

You need to know what version your key code is for, and then fine a CD with that version on it.

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call microsoft

by mg_roberts In reply to Reinstalling xp with orig ...

call microsoft. not dell. the stupid dell keys on the side only activate once every 1.5 years. you wait 18mo's, and it will activate again. but MS will get you activated.

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Yes, call microsoft

by reglopke In reply to call microsoft

I had the same thing happen to me. I reinstalled XP on an HP machine with a disk form Dell.

I tried to activate via the web and it complained. I Microsoft at the number listed, got hold of a real person, explained the situation, and I was validated in a few minutes. Pretty painless.

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Dell is correct. Welcome to the world of OEM OS.

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Reinstalling xp with orig ...

You cannot "borrow" someone elses XP CD because the OEM CD that came with your Dell PC was specifically tied to your machine and was overlaid with drivers and other software specific to the Dell's XP image on their PCs'. Every XP CD is tied to a specific activation key, and unlike Windows 2000 or 98, will not allow you to input any arbitrary key to activate it. This is not true for the Windows XP Corporate Edition, which does not require acivation, as it is used for mass corporate deployment using Ghost and PXE, but I doubt you want to go that route. Suck it up and pay the cost for a replacement CD, and to be on the safe side, burn a backup copy of the replacement CD once you get it and keep it in a safe place.

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Did you not read my post?

by JamesRL In reply to Dell is correct. Welcome ...

I successfully used a generic OEM copy of XP to install on a Dell PC, using the Dell key - had to call MS for the workaround but no problem in the end.


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