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    Rejected From Consideration Due to College GPA

    by shido321 ·

    I had a recruiter contact me about a job she thought I would be a good fit for. It was “Deployment Engineer.” I didn’t think I was qualified, but I expressed interest nonetheless.

    I briefly discussed the role with her yesterday, and she told me she’d call tomorrow outlining more details, salary expectations, etc after I submitted an official application.

    Received phone call today regarding the position. told that I won’t be considered any more due to my Graduation Year (2020) / Grade Point Average.

    Admittedly, it isn’t very good (2.6) but I have my Bachelor’s, no academic violations or anything.

    Never thought there would be a day that this would come back to haunt me. It was mandatory on the application, otherwise I would have left it out.

    pretty disheartened.

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      Reply To: Rejected From Consideration Due to College GPA

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Rejected From Consideration Due to College GPA

      Sorry to hear of your experience with that potential job. It sucks that it happened that way and that no other considerations were offered. Kind of like saying, “What do you call a doctor who graduated last in their class, Doctor”.

      Your best bet in the future when faced with such challenges, try to emphasize what you have already accomplished/experienced in your field of study. GPA still weighs heavy, but emphasize the positive as best as you can.

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      That stinks

      by amoral70 ·

      In reply to Rejected From Consideration Due to College GPA

      Sorry to hear that. When I first started in IT I applied to 10 or more places a day for a month before I found my first job. Remember, you can hear 1,000 no’s but all you need is 1 yes.

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      Rejected From Consideration Due to College GPA

      by onez7803 ·

      In reply to Rejected From Consideration Due to College GPA

      If you have been rejected from consideration for a job or program due to your college GPA, there are a few ways you can list your GPA on your resume or application:

      Include your overall GPA: This is the most common way to list your GPA. Simply state your overall GPA on a 4.0 scale, rounded to one or two decimal points.
      Example: Overall GPA: 3.4

      Include your major GPA: If your major GPA is higher than your overall GPA, you may choose to list it instead. This can be especially useful if your major is relevant to the job or program you are applying for.
      Example: Major GPA (Computer Science): 3.8

      Explain any extenuating circumstances: If your GPA is lower than you would like it to be, you may want to explain any extenuating circumstances that affected your academic performance. This could include health issues, family problems, or other personal challenges.

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      In reply to Rejected From Consideration Due to College GPA

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