Rejecting bounced email notices

By mitcham ·
I have 2 users on my network who are currently being backscattered and receive hundreds of notices from outside email servers saying the user is no longer active. So, obviously, a spammer is putting these two users' email addresses as the sender.

Reading up on the subject online yields no solutions except to set my email server to not bounce spam back as well so, maybe one day, all email servers will not return bogus email to a forged sender. Right... that'll be the same day all Windows users will properly update and patch their systems and there will be no more zombie machines...

Anywho, while I wait for that day to come, is there anything I can do as far as setting up the Exchange server to reject these "bounce" notices? Also, does anyone know if Postini has a setting to reject these returned email notices?

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Have you tried looking at where these originate from

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Rejecting bounced email n ...

And then blocking those senders?

Or block some key words in the Subject line.


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No single return senders

by mitcham In reply to Have you tried looking at ...

It's backscatter, so it's hundreds of different addresses and hundreds of different spam messages. No two are similar. I'd spend all week blocking each and every differnet one. It would be 10000% easier if I could just set Exchange or Postini to not deliver the bounced email notifications themselves to the forged user's inbox.

I know the Baracuda Spam firewalls have an easy setting that just flat out stops return receipts all together... but I have yet to find an answer regarding Exchange or Postini.

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Well I'm not aware of anything in Exchange that will do the job

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No single return senders

And as I don't know Postini at all well I can not suggest anything there either.

About all I can suggest is filtering on the Subject line and that will not be overly reliable either.


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