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    Relaying through Exchange 2003


    by nacky ·

    Hi there I have an exchange 2003 server on my network, and have a remote webserver (not on our network) which needs to send emails out. I want to use the exchange server as a relay for the webserver.

    I have configured the exchange server to allow mail relaying from this webserver, however only emails within the exchange email domain get delivered. If the webserver tries to send an email through our exchange to an email account not managed by the exchange server, the email fails.

    Any ideas?

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      by nacky ·

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      Most email server spam filters would drop email with incorrect domain

      by robo_dev ·

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      Therefore the email from your internal server, which most likely does not have ‘real’ domain name, looks like spam to any normal email server. You will have to setup a valid verifiable domain for your web server.

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