Release Management, what software (if any) are using to control releases

By seany54 ·
How mature is your organisation at planning, managing and controlling the release process? Do you have visibility into a central release schedule?

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Have worked with several organizations who use tools like:

by robo_dev In reply to Release Management, what ...

Serena TeamTrack for change management/release scheduling. Thoughtworks GO or Hudson/Jenkins on the build side, and of course SubVersion and/or PVCS for code.

Not sure about your question about 'visibility into release schedule'. Most stakeholders in a project are kept informed about what is planned as part of manging the project.

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by seany54 In reply to Have worked with several ...

changement management is more around the process of getting changes into Prod/CAB/forward release schedule etc.

Question is more on the pre-production world. I.e. when you have multiple teams working on projects or bau changes and somebody needs to do all the planning for test environments, tracking of release health, dependencies etc. Usually all gets bundled up into one release schedule

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