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relevance of DOS

By stpmds ·
what are the areas in which using DOS is more preferable than windows or any other ready made os.
is it possible to open websites and browse them from DOS mode.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to relevance of DOS

In answer to your question just about everything.

Yes you can view web sites get WE-Mail from DOS but you do need to install Windsock and a few other protocols and the software may be hard to find now as all of it has long since died a natural death.

Today DOS is only used for dedicated microprocessor controlled equipment normally and there are very DOS installations still running on computers mainly because it isn't all that user friendly. But when compared to Windows it is both more stable and secure as well as not requiring the system overheads that Windows requires to run.

If you really want to have a play with DOS I would recommend DR DOS and not MS DOS as DR DOS has far more switches available to it and is just plain and simple a better product over any version of MS DOS. The other thing if memory serves me correctly DOS has a upper limit of about 4 Gigs for a HDD but while that may sound small really when DOS was the standard 100 MEG drives where considered as un-fillable.

For web browsing you'll need to find a copy of Trumpet Win-sock and an old copy of Netscape. That used to have both a Browser and Mail Client in it and a DR DOS manual as that explains things far better than any MS Manual ever did even if you are not running DR DOS.


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by Defiant In reply to relevance of DOS

To answer the first part of your question, DOS is preferable for dedacated severs if you know DOS. Windows is preferable if you are going to have a lot of users that aren't just using a database. Also, if you run windows or some other GUI OS then people don't have to be trained from the ground up. Most people are familer with Windows or can pick it up quickly because they don't have to learn commands, they just use the mouse.

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by zaferus In reply to relevance of DOS

DOS is useful for troubleshooting network issues, or if the GUI of Windows won't load. I have seen older applications that run DOS and thus are still required.

If you want to use a simpler or inexpensive OS for web browsing, etc. I would recommend going to Linux or FreeBSD Unix. At one time DOS was carved from the Unix shell and is like a branch compared to the entire tree for functionality.

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