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    by nu4ever ·

    I’m trying to reload my computer with windows 98 and have a external floppy. It won’t boot into the floppy. I’ve tried diffrent floppy disks etc.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      I take it that this is a NB that you are trying to do this on. It may not be possible to do depending on the brand of NB but no matter what you’ll need to go into BIOS and attempt to set the first Boot Device as the External Floppy if you have that option.

      If you don’t you’ll need to make a Boot CD and run off that to partition the HDD and format it up and then using DOS commands change the CD to the Win 98 and type in [b]CD Drive Letter[/b] Setup and the setup procedure should start from there.

      If I remember correctly you can use The Ultimate Boot CD to partition and Format the Drive and that’s an excellent tool to have in your tool box at all times it’s available for download here


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