Reload BIOS via floppy???

By hmmmmm! ·
I have to fix a pc, running kt4 ultra, XP home and amd 2000 etc. It seems operator "went in an tried o fix the bios" as blue screen was going on.Well now I can get keyboard lights, NO scren, and will not shut off via off/on.

I have got floppy with msi latest bios..but not sure what to do now.. ANY help appreciated...and they said Last message was "Fast track has not drive, bios missing.. now at full stop.

Never met one that was not even able to get to post..their manual is not to good for how to do such.. msi bios download, seems to be full up and ready to go. The owner is old friend and have data on HD they badly need..asap..

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Reset not reload bios

by ozi Eagle In reply to Reload BIOS via floppy???


If your friend messed up his bios, then you can fix it by resetting it to factory defaults. You will need to then set it up correctly.

To reset it check the motherboard (manual) for CLEAR CMOS jumper. By turning the PC off and moving the jumper to the CLEAR position it resets any settings entered via the bios setup. Return jumper to its normal position.

Alternatively turn off PC, unplug it, remove the CMOS battery (small silver disk about 2cm in diameter) and turn on pc, without plugging in.. Then leave for several minutes, replace battery, preferably with a new one, plug in and it should go.


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thanks for bios,

by hmmmmm! In reply to Reset not reload bios

will call and see if they still have mobo manual.. if not will try to get it off the msi net.. plan to go by around noon, will post what happens.. forgot all about that option as been a while since I saw this mess.
Again thanks..will advise..will see what it cures.

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got CMos back,but

by hmmmmm! In reply to Reset not reload bios

Got the post back..set it to standard, pulled battery. NOW had to run their xp-home in the repair mode of "upgrade" as MS calls it. Got it in there but something wrong.. Now will do normal load (do get the "Fastrak not there cannot load etc, no bios message, but ignore it. Issue now is the will load all the way though the XP logo but screen goes black after that one. Might try one more "repair" but not sure what is going on now...there were updates to the MSI Bios and utility but unable to get them on that PC till we get XP up.. IDEAS.. and thanks on bat as forgot that one. But this one has me a bit baffled as they said it was blue screening before it crashed and each crash got worse.. THEY DID have some sort of virus which I could not get..it was "acroread32.exe" via it's id, claimed home was MS Windows abobe 6.0.1 but no such file in pc.. it would start up a pdf and jpg file..and then put them into "temp internet files". along with other stuff it collected along the way.. thought I got is our off reg as it had a unique set of nrs after ver. but it is hidden somewhere else and well masked.
So any idea of why windows will start, got to "windows" and such..but not start upNOTE OFF BUTTON DOES NOT SHUT DOWN MACHINE

PS NO ONE has a fix for that virus..most say it is an adobe thing, alt del etc to kill it..but it is a real live virus as also collects jpgs and other data..

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by ozi Eagle In reply to got CMos back,but


I'm glad that resetting the bios sort of worked.

Now ACROREAD32.EXE is a valid file. It is the acrobat pdf reader from ADOBE. It normally lives in PROGRAM-FILES\ADOBE\ACROBATxx\READER, and it works with pdf files. There is a quick start component of it that is loaded at boot.
To disable the boot load, go to DOCUMENTS&SETTINGS\ALL-USERS\START_MENU\PROGRAMS\START-UP| and move the shortcut to another folder, so that you can return it later, when all the problems have been solved.

You are probably right about a virus or spyware. If you can, turn off system restore, boot into safe mode, then run your antivirus, spybot and adaware, all with latest updates.

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GOT all up but learned a bit.

by hmmmmm! In reply to Well

On Sunday got their systems up.. seems that when I left them with the "R" running for XP and at the point where it goes black screen for few minutes..they "thought it shut off" so they shut off machine" .. that explained why repair did not take..then the "Crash's going on". and I asked them to write down the error etc as I was not there.. Seems our old "Friend" MS Defender was ID's as a party to it.. had heard of that before and several I know will not touch MSD.. so I got it removed and all seems to run OK except they are up to necks in updates and for some reason the PC now turns on when dsl is turned on..
About the acread32.exe.. it is gone from the ir machine so far.. something hiding in the windows somewhere.. and it ID'd as windows adobe 6.0.1 etc. and search of registry to everything else would not turn it up.. further it would write on PDC file into internet temp files as ///pdf 1 and if you killed it would next write pdf2 etc..and it then generated from somewhere.. a jpg of "rowboat".. again could not find that one on the machine.. it also tried to connect with a 138..///// address which I tracked to some Chinese goverment thing.. someplace. So it is a virus and it seems no one has a handle on it.. as most say "it is adobe" etc.. and just hit alt.ctl.dlt and it will go away, not true and it is NOT part of adobe.. as ref's a early version. will jam up memory if given chance. but NO sw will stop it so far..
Thanks for help... and it seems other then the start up on dsl their systems are OK..not sure on the DSL thing yet. and their "2000" amd is now running at 1150 after bios set it that way....so will leave all alone for now..but learned that if you are doing something for someone remain in the room or take the keyboard and mouse with you..

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Start on LAN

by ozi Eagle In reply to GOT all up but learned a ...


I'm glad things are starting to come together.

The starting on dsl is probably due to a BIOS setting, under something like power options, the allows thePC to boot from a LAN signal. Disable this and it should stop booting from the dsl.


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about lan and bios

by hmmmmm! In reply to Start on LAN

I thought same but did not see any in bios on lan power up. Was in the power side of bios.. maybe missed it but will check next time I am there..
For now all seems to be running fine..but sure did learn to remain with hw when having fixes run..

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Found this

by ozi Eagle In reply to GOT all up but learned a ...
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About the acroread.32, it is a virus

by hmmmmm! In reply to Found this

Read that article before and it is a common reply. What most miss is this thing is a virus and runs even if you disable adobe.. it hides under some masking, but comes out as Adobe32 etc.. I have cleaned it's stuff from registry, spent hours in searches, deleted temp internet files and it still came back in some morphed mode. it then got a jpg file and some "error" files. Then when I tried to send some "attached files in Gmail.. it replaced the "attached files (jpG and word) with one of it's file. The thing also eats up memory when in the mood for it.
The solution you sent is what most think is happening. and the first one they grab.. but this thing is a very sophisticated virus. It will come up with a ip address to contact some 138.//./// site that I traced to some sort of Chinese gov site.. next it would then try and contact a state gov site to get a certain document.. always the same one...but would then ID as pdf1, next run pdf 2 etc..
Nasty little thing but it seems to have hid in MS as after I "repaired" their XP it has not shown up....it did ref "windows adobe 6.0.1 but no such file can be found even via most detailed search.
Will now just wait and see if it comes up.. so far no known cure as most go to "it is an adobe thing".. which it is not..

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bois disc

by scotter.w In reply to Reload BIOS via floppy???

hay i need that disc at the moment my comp ses it needs it

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