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reloading windows xp

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I need to reload windows on a computer with a new hard drive that was purchased 2nd hand from my employer, but it didn't come with any disks. Can I use a back-up disk for another computer that was purchased new by using those OEM & Product Key codes? Will that cause any complicatins for either computer?

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OS and Licenses

by BFilmFan In reply to reloading windows xp

If you have a license key and the installation media, absolutely.

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Machines bought without a physical disk

by jnhannah In reply to OS and Licenses

This may not be the right place to respond, but does anybody know how to generate a windows XP installation CD. I bought a Compaq Presario from CompUSA, but I never received any CDs with it. There is a facility to create a set of restore CDs, but this will simply restore the machine to its original state - not something i particularly want to do.

It does seem silly that certain machines and companies do not supply Windows XP CDs, so if I can't create a CD I will have to go out and purchase a CD, despite the fact that I shelled out $800 originally (3 years ago) for the machine.

I guess there is always Linux....

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restore cds

by JWtech In reply to Machines bought without a ...

you can access hp online and buy the recovery discs. i had to recently do that for a computer that i had.

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Hard Drive Come With NO Disks But Computers DO

by donaldcoe In reply to OS and Licenses

It took me a few cells to figure out you might be talking about replacement PC or Computer and not a hard disk drives which of course in today's market place come with NO software, now on the other hand "some" PC's or computers Do Come with software. Now in most cases when these machines are passed on, whatever original software is not given back with them because of previous registration and or licensing agreements. A number of years ago before the big hoopla about bootlegging software every machine sold had it's own original set of software CD's. Now most manufactures rely on what we call "Restore CD's" which is not a stand alone copy of an operating system but selected files that only loads software that identifies the original PC's design configuration so any changes you make are at your loss. My first OS software purchase was a little price painful because I did not know how to shop around for the best pricing deal. Now I know it pays to have your own registered copy of OS. As I upgrade or move to additional custom built PC's I need not worry about the high price of software purchasing just hardware for which I can compare component pricings and shop wisely.

Now the 4 stallions in my stable can share the same saddle gear (software) and Hay (accessories). They must be happy because I do not hear them complaining. Ha Ha

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sometimes it falls thru the cracks I guess..

by kenos In reply to reloading windows xp

I have personally done this before, and so long as you dont call microsoft during the reg process,it MIGHT be OK- I have 4 computers, and when my Husband (not very much a geek, im afraid) tried to use my copy again on his puter, he decided to call it in.. whereupon he was informed they at you-know-where expected ME to pay hundreds of dollars(hundreds too many- they're GREEDY!) to have xp pro on all my machines,asnd they said Id fallen thru the cracks, so to speak -but what I think is they have long forgotten how it is to survive on less than 6 digits a year, Im afraid.. any ol how, just try it, I say.. you have nothing to lose, imho kenos

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oops need to read the WHOLE POST

by kenos In reply to reloading windows xp

danger- I was under the impression you had a hard copy of XP NOT, I repeat NOT another unit's BACKUP,, I take it back, I take it back!!-i needed to wake up and read the whole post! as far as I know every machine's backup is if not slightly different from another, unless the machines are identical, so, if you're not sure about that you'll have to bite the bullet and aquire a copy.. kenos

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Type and Ownership of license is of issue

by TG2 In reply to reloading windows xp

First, the type of license and the ownership are at the core of the issue. The company should have either transferred a copy of XP to you, or the license sticker for that PC if it has one on it. If they did not, then they should have wiped the PC clean.

The licensing for an os is very specific, and if you are not legally allowed that copy, you are at fault.

Think of it this way.. if the company has the type of license that can be run through over and over without activation (the enterprise type) then they have paid per license, and can usually revoke a license for an old pc, and put it on a new one.. so they may have thought they were revoking.. but now they have 1 additional machine (yours) out there with their license on it, and if microsoft tallied, and found one more than they were licensed to have, your company would have to pay for it.

So, on to second.. if you look through the discussions, and search the web, you will find a tip about how to back up your XP activation files, so that you can wipe a drive and reload, then put the activation files back on. That may get you around the problem all together. But that would not make it legal.

If you use the CDKey / License from another machine, at some point someone may need to re-use that license, or may just use it for the first time, and then they could have trouble because it was licensed to your machine from your "theft" of the key for that machine.

If you take something that doesn't belong to you its theft, don't mix words and don't think in abstract grey. Have many people done it? Probably, but it doesn't make it right.

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Reloading Windows with Help of Key Generator

by TWLAAAS In reply to reloading windows xp

Why don't you use a utility like Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder V 1.41 and extracxt the key code on the system you are working on and write it down. Run the Windows XP Disk (must be same version) on the computer and enter the key code it should reload. I had a disk destroyed before and used this method to fix another machine worked fine. However in your case the key code you are generating is licensed to someone else for that machine. In my opinion the license should have been transferred to you when you got the machine. ( If you buy a used car does that mean you have to buy a new engine for it before you use it? ) Anyway you can buy MSWinXP right now at Tiger Direct for about $150.00 I think.
Off the record there are SP1 updates out there that will allow you to change the keycode on the computer and it will also generate a new key code it appeared to have been made by Microsoft I don't know.

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activation tracking

by EDD2004 In reply to reloading windows xp

MS tracks the activation for 120 days per article in TPG, so as long as it has bee over 4 months you can reactivate on another system and it will work ok

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Reloading Windows XP on a new hard drive

by paulayotte In reply to reloading windows xp

You should always keep the disks that come with your computer.Where are the ones that came with yours.As long as you are loading the OS on the same computer,you can do it as often as you want,because Microsoft allows "small" changes to your computer's configuration.I have three hard drives on mine,one for me,one for my wife,and one for my son.We switch by auto detect in the BIOS .... three computers in one.In short you will not be bothered as long as you keep doing it on the same computer.

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