Reloading windows xp

By fiat1100 ·
I'm having problems reloading windows xp on a used but new for me, 160gb maxtor hdd it takes the windows disc and loads the files, but to continue with installation it asks me to remove the disk before it restarts I do that but when it restarts the only thing it happens the computer keeps rebooting. any Idea what to do.

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what happens??

by shasca In reply to Reloading windows xp

If you reboot with CD in it will finish the second half of the installation. Ignore the "press any key to boot from CD" message and let pre-windows load and finish.

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Also have you tested the HDD with Seatools?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Reloading windows xp


Use the DOS version here and check the correct function of the HDD. Seagate owns Maxtor so that is the correct Testing Utility to use.

Assuming that this computer actually works have you added any RAM recently, well since it was last reloaded? What can happen with Mismatched RAM is when you go to install Windows you strike a Timing Issue which can result in a BSOD or something reboots. If that is the case the cure is to remove the newest RAM load the system with what it originally came with and when it is loaded reinstall the New RAM. If you replaced it all remove all but 1 Module and load the system.

I also wouldn't remove the Disc from the Optical Drive either just ignore the Option to Strike any Key to Boot from the CD. as I never remove any Windows Install Disc till after the install is completed.

Also if this is a IDE Drive is it correctly Jumpered to either Master, Slave or Cable Select depending on which position it holds on the HDD List? If it is a SATA Drive is the system actually seeing the HDD and coping any files to it. Quite often with SATA Drives you need to either alter settings int he BIOS or include a SATA Driver by pressing the F6 Key when the First Blue Screen first appears and wait till you are prompted and insert a Floppy Disc into Drive a with the SATA Driver for XP and your system copied to it's Root and Press Enter to load the Driver.


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