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Relocate MS Access .ini file

By mfitch ·
I have a legacy app developed in Access (I 'think' 97) that stores a few parms in a .ini file. The ini file is named the same as the app, and get's created/stored (by default?) in the c:\windows directory. The app is installed/run w/an access Runtime engine.

My job is to roll out XP laptops with this app loaded on it. The problem is if I use the desired user privilages of 'USER', XP security does not allow r/w access to the .ini file, and the app won't run. If I make the user 'Power User', he can write to the file, but can also make a lot of unwanted changes to the base system as well. The app will run w/Power User privs.

I have not worn a developer hat in a long time, but I figure there has to be a fairly easy way to clean up this app and re-code the location of the .ini file to reside with the rest of the app, in it's own directory, where the user has full privs. That way the user can do what he wants to the app, but the rest of the system is protected from unnecessary user mods, intentional or accidental.

Thanks in advance!


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