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relocate to texas?

By nsettembrino ·
i've been asked to relocate from my job in wayne, nj to dallas, tx. the company wants to know what it would take for me to relocate. i'm only making 51 now and i'm doing everything from tech support/help desk to network admin. to programming. i just graduated from a computer programming 18 mo. course and that is where i would like to progress with the company. any ideas what salary i should be looking for for programming in the dallas area? also, any ideas what to ask for as part of relocating myself and my family?

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I would

by jkaras In reply to relocate to texas?

get them first to agree with paying for the move. Second I would get a guarantee of employment vs. layoff to aviod being taken advantage of when setting up the new site. Before bucking for more denero I would take the average living conditions that you presently live with and compare it with Texas' standard and show it to them to validate your needs. Is this new job going to increase responsibilities? I grew up in Randolph, N.J. and miss it. I have driven through Texas and I can honestly say that the people from Texas were the most open and honest people I've met. Only problem with Texas is that you cant just go to another state to get away like Jersey, everything is quite a drive.

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by nsettembrino In reply to I would

just wanted to say a quick thanks for your input!! it is much appreciated.

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by JimHM In reply to relocate to texas?

Go to Monster or Hotjobs - they have a relocation calulator on the site - city you are moving from - salary - city you are moving to ... will tell you how much or lower salary you need to stay the same..

Also compares housing prices - transportation - taxes - food - crime - for each location ..

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Here's a good recalculator

by JimHM In reply to relocate to texas?

Try This one ---

if your making $51,000 in Nj - need $32,000 in Dallas ... ask for the $51,000 ...

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Only 51???

by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to relocate to texas?

Forgive me, but I about fell off my chair when I read that you ONLY make 51! That's about 20K more than I get for being that sole computer person (hardware, software, web, and admin roles) for 200+ users at a State University!

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State U...

by mrbill- In reply to Only 51???

Are state universities known for paying their IT well? Which State U?

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Yea - but your kids can go to college for free

by JimHM In reply to Only 51???

College's are known for low - low IT pay ... because they offer your kids free College - as a benefit ...

Gee - if you don't have any - where's the benefit - but if you have 3 or 4 - college aged childern then its time to start working at the local college... that could be an additional 60K to 80K a year savings..

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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to Yea - but your kids can g ...

they don't get to go for free, but I think it's half-price (which is still really good). I don't have kids, and don't plan to have kids, so that doesn't help me out much. I am exempt from paying into SS, though, and the state health plan rocks.

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