Relocating Quarantine & Log Folders in certain Anti Malware ?

By jigneshdesai05 ·
I have Deep Freeze installed on my p.c. & Deep Freeze simply undoes any changes to the C Drive once the System is switched back on after switching it off .
However , as a result I also lose all the files that may have been quarantined & any log entries done by the Anti Malware Programs . So , I would like to relocate the same for (i) Super Antimalware (Free) (ii) Malware Bytes (Free) (iii) Threatfire .

Can u tell me how to do this ?

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In general

by robo_dev In reply to Relocating Quarantine & L ...

Most Windows apps specify where they store things in a registry entry, but many applications do hard-code where they store individual files within the application.

So the answer is, most likely, that you *MIGHT* be able to dig into the registry entries for each app and redirect it to another drive that does not get frozen, or you just cannot do that without resorting to something unworkable like trying to run the app from another volume.

Have not used Deep Freeze, but perhaps just create some simple macro or VBscript so that you can do a quick one-click backup of the logs/quarantine to a USB jump drive before shutting down the PC.

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Reponse To Answer

by jigneshdesai05 In reply to In general

I was just thinking to uninstall all my anti Virus & Anti Malware Programs from the C Drive & then install them on the D Drive . This wouldn't be workable ??

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Why not script the copying of files

by seanferd In reply to Relocating Quarantine & L ...

from directories where you want to save data?

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