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    Relocation concerns


    by chris.firmstone ·

    I am the IT Assistant for a company that is relocation 10 miles away. I would like any resourses anyone can think of in terms of a moving checklist. There’s the obvious-install & test wiring jacks, transfer voice and data services and backup systems. I would think there’s a link that lists all things an IT guy should prepare for when relocating. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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      TR Downloads

      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to Relocation concerns

      Look in the Templates and Checklists section. Should be about #23.

      Although this is not what I would consider a proper checklist, it does give advice and mention many of the issues you need to worry about.

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        dont put all your eggs in one basket

        by russell.brown ·

        In reply to TR Downloads

        having done a large infrustructure move last year the best advise i can you is draw up a list of your servers highest prioity first, then mix the movement up so that if not all the servers are moved in one transport when reinstalling start with the highest priority servers first, sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many people dont do this

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