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    Remapping keys on Samsung tablets.


    by pileups-punchy0e ·


    I have the Samsung Tab s8+ with the physical keyboard cover.

    I was looking for an option to remap the Caps Lock key to Ctrl + Backspace, or at least disable the key entirely. On desktop windows, I am using the AHK (AutoHotkey) for similar actions, but I can’t find anything similar for android.

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      Reply To: Remapping keys on Samsung tablets.

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Remapping keys on Samsung tablets.

      This might help:

      I did an internet search and found this. I don’t know if it will resolve your inquiry, but it is a link to the Samsung site for help.

      I use a Tab s7+ with the physical keyboard cover myself. I never needed or tried to remap my keyboard. Best wishes, hope you find a solution.

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      Use Third party keyboard

      by Rohit Sri ·

      In reply to Remapping keys on Samsung tablets.

      On Android, you cannot directly remap or disable specific keys like Caps Lock without rooting your device. However, you can use third-party keyboard apps that offer more customization options.
      One popular option is the “Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard” app, which allows some degree of key remapping and customization. You can install it from the Google Play Store and explore its settings to see if it meets your needs.
      Keep in mind that the level of customization may vary depending on the app and Android version you are using

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