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Remember When the Internet was a place

By CG IT ·
you could actually lookup information rather than get taken to a web site where you have to buy something?

I understand the need to make money...boy do I these days, but I really hate the marketing and sales crap I'm unindated with that pose as "information" for IT Pros.

Like Shoretels Understanding IP Telephony free 96 page ebook. Nothing more than a sales brochure. There was another touting a free White Paper on why companies choose a certain company for training. Another sales brochure..and they call it a white paper. It's almost as bad as the webinars which are nothing more than TVs infomercials but on the internet.

Maybe I'll got back to print media I pay for. Least there was actual useful information in it.

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and that's not counting the fact a Google search now gives

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Remember When the Interne ...

you very loosely related paid for links as the first responses to a search - frequently not even loosely related to what you're after.

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However, on the flip side

by The Scummy One In reply to Remember When the Interne ...

I also remember lots of banner ads in all kinds of SW, even some paid versions...

Hey, do you remember NetZero? take 8-10 minutes to load a page, and the banner ads went first :0

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to However, on the flip side

Three different family members used that and installed their software to their computers, against my very strong advice.
Guess who had to clean it up. X-(

Two of them went back and did it again.
Guess who refused to clean it up a second time.

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I guess you never

by The Scummy One In reply to *%><@#~

tried looking for a job on or other sites, through a NetZero dialup connection just waiting to be in the middle of something when it got dropped due to a phone call :0 :0 :0

That was the worst -- looking for a job using it. So many times I wanted to **** my head off

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Never used it.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I guess you never

Been with Earthlink from day one. Kept it for dialup and addresses when I moved to cable. Keep it still cuz I don't like yahoo as a service, outside IM.

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I never refuse to clean up the computers for them, I just

by Deadly Ernest In reply to *%><@#~

make sure they pay me for the money for it in advance the second time. After paying out they start to think a bit more, but often takes another two or three visits of rising fees to get the message properly embedded.

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I don't charge family.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I never refuse to clean u ...

But I don't do it a second time at all when I told them not to before the first time.

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