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By Oz_Media ·
Through the TR Technical discussions, although not too technical lately, we have often discussed the actions of war in Iraq, Afghanistan and even WWII, the Civil war, Pearl Harbour, Vietnam, Korea as well as others.

We have VERY mixed opinions as to who is justified, who is right and who is wrong. What has/will happen, WHY there are wars, weapons of war, who joined forces, who didn't, repressed citizens, those who feel free as a result of war etc.

We rarely see eye to eye on all matters if any, but one thing I don't think anyone will argue is that these men and women who have placed their lives on the line for nearly 100 years now, without regard for themselves but with full support for the country that they are defending.

These people don't question the motives of their government, they don't complain of low salaries, they don't complain about not having stat holidays, they don't sleep in on rainy days before finally dragging themselves off to work. They stand proud, they stand together and they fight for a common cause.

I can't even begin to start expressing my gratitude to those who have created a comfortable, safe and peaceful existence for my family and friends, but I will be proudly standing poppy-clad at the rememberance memorial tomorrow morning as we all remember those who fought for our freedom.

I still attend the Remeberance Day ceremony every year, rain or shine, as I did when I was a Scout Leader. It gives ME a certain pride to know that at least I didn't forget, I showed up, I stood proud and remembered the brave souls who gave their lives to make mine what it is today.

Just typing this gives me chills as I remember, in twelve years of scouting, I attended MANY Memorial Day ceremonies. I recall one year in paticular when I was shivering in my Cub shorts while trying to hold the Canadian Flag as straight and tall as the veterans from the Royal Canadian Legion were. These men were HUGE in my 10 year old eyes, one large-middled veteran looked as if was about to topple over backwwards as he stood at attention with his head held so high with pride. I was standing beside him so I tried to do the same as I stood proudly in my uniform, he looked down at me and smiled from ear to ear. Nothing has ever made me understand what these men and women did than at that particular moment, when this large man smiled at me as if to say, "it was worth it, to see the happiness and pride you have today my son."

He was my father and I thank him and all those who fought so bravely so that I can enjoy the happiness of my family and friends each day.

Let us all remember and never forget, although we have differences, we have some very powerful similarities when we stand beside one another.

Many suffered and lost for us to enjoy our daily freedoms and I, for one, want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

God bless those who gave their freedom to protect mine.


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With teary eye...

by mrbill- In reply to Rememberance

Oz, I want to thank you for starting this thread, and want to join with you in remembering those brave men and women who gave their youth, their inocence, some their limbs and some their very lives so we can, as a free world, discuss the various topics we can. I wish everyone takes a few minutes tommorrow, 11 Nov, to say a quick prayer of thanks, and if they know any Vets tell them thanks. As a Vet I will thank those who are also Vets. THANK YOU.

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My Pleasure

by Oz_Media In reply to With teary eye...

It really is my pleasure to remember this day and try to remind all those I meet of its importance.

As a person enjoying my freedom, I must thank you as a Veteran for your efforts, they will never be forgotten by myself or anyone in my family as we appreciate this day of rememberance each year.

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While the 11-11 is just begining for you that side of the pond

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Rememberance

It has been and gone once again and I see fewer and fewer Vets marching every year now which I find sadning but on th eup side there are now a lot of kids who march in Remberance of their Grand Fathers or who ever so hopefully this day will be long remembered.

This is one place where the kids are keeping a very useful tradition alive and well ans I for one will be sad to see it pass if it ever does.

But on the brighter side an Ausie War Memorial was opened on the 11-11 in London so hopefully the memory will continue for a very long time.

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London war memorials

by john_wills In reply to While the 11-11 is just b ...

I know where the Canadian war memorial is: just inside Green Park coming from Buckingham Palace; that gate to Green Park is where The Mall meets Constitution Hill. Where is the Australian one? The Canadian one shows maple leaves getting washed away by a stream.

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by Oz_Media In reply to London war memorials

There are several pages (simple search) that describe the memorial and even more on how to buy tickets from Australia to see the unveiling.

It was opened on the corner of Hyde Park, 11/11/03.

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Hyde Park...

by john_wills In reply to John

...has 4 corners. But I imagine you mean the south-east corner, at Hyde Park Corner Underground station, where the Marble Arch commemorating triumph in the Napoleonic wars stands(no, it isn't at Mable Arch Underground Station). So it's near the Imperial Cavalry WW I memorial. And I will have a look via Google, and probaby in the flesh the next time I'm in London.

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Most parks

by Oz_Media In reply to Hyde Park...

Most parks that aren't triangular have four corners of course, with the octagonal parks having eight. There was no mention that I saw on a quick browse that said which one it was on, I apologize for my inaccuracies.

Your recollection of London's causeways is nice though.

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For all our disagreements OZ - This one I 100% agree with Thanks

by JimHM In reply to Rememberance

OZ - As you said - we never see Eye to Eye - but your comments are Spot On ... Thanks

The US has finally began to move forward with a Memorial for those that servered in WWII ... We have the Vietnam - Korean - and others but nothing to the greatest bunch of men and women who servered their countries. And I am speaking of all the countries - Britian, Canada, Assuie and even the Free French .. They endured and trimphed for the freedom of the world.

A SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL WWII Vet's - and Thanks to All the Vet's who served during time of war and conflict or Peace ... Thanks from a Vietnam Vet, and Welcome Home.

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the families of the fallen

by wordworker In reply to Rememberance

I just came from a Veterans Day ceremony where we dedicated a new flagpole and raised a flag while a high school girls' choir sang patriotic tunes. Not a dry eye in the place. Very moving. Makes me remember my grandfather (WWI) and my dad (Korea) and what they did for us. I gave my time in the US Army Guard (80s) and in retrospect it doesn't seem like enough.

Bless the folks from EVERY country willing to step up and defend freedom IN every country. I pray for peace ASAP in Iraq, Israel, Palestine and wherever else there is fighting. Let it end.


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Thanks Oz

by TheChas In reply to Rememberance

Thank you Oz for the thoughtful post.

Had it not been for the US Air Force, I might not be here. (My parents met in Germany while in the Air Force.)

I consider myself very fortunate to have not lost any relatives to the wars since my family immigrated in the 1900's.

Long may our flag fly high.

And may we never forget the sacrifices made by our veterans and their families.


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