Remembered Credentials locks out AD account

By hanekwj ·

*This question is not answered by going to the credential fault in Windows 7.

We have a Microsoft AD environment with a Webmarshal proxy. Our developers have both their own computers that they work on and then the development servers.

I beleive when they first set up their profiles on the server the proxy server chalenged them for a username and password and they then opted to "Remember Password".

Using ManageEngine AD Audit I can see that their accounts are being locked out by this system sending the incorrect password to the server but I do not know how to flush this incorrect stored password out the the cache. I dont even know where this password is stored? It is a little problematic as we get constant complaints from them when their accounts lock and it is time poorly spent to unlock user accounts every 10 minutes.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks a mill. Your help is greatly appreciated.


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