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Remind me not to take a dinner invitation from you...

By _Papa_ ·
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Most of us don't carry because it's a hobby or something.

by _Papa_ In reply to Remind me not to take a d ...

Yes, It is perfectly legal in most US states to shoot anyone who is threatening you (nature of threat not presumed) NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE.
Most home invasion victims do not survive partly because they don't generally carry their gun while at home and may die trying to access it.
Most home invasions do *not* occur during late night, since many homeowners keep a gun under their pillow.
And why should you fear being shot simply because I carry? Are you going to attack me?
Ansu I don't generally take an adversarial stance with you, I have usually agreed with you in the past especially as regards the sad state of education in this country. However, it seems you have taken what Americans will call a "fairyland" attitude toward our stance on private access to firearms.
Our experience (like it or not) with social inequality has placed us at a level of fear from attack seldom seen in other countries. at least from what I can see. Drug use and the general fear of drug users fuels that fear.
Furthermore, what we learned in the Revolution taught us that we cannot repel tyrants with a standing army, but must rely on our ability to draw on our on forceful resources has firmly instilled in us a reliance on firearms that few other nations can grasp. We are accused of invading other countries that we see as potential rather than actual enemies, but perhaps (speculation) this arises from the beginning of WWII. and the attack on 9/11.
Some say we all want to be John Wayne. That's backwards. John Wayne was imitating us.

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Not about you Becabill... nor about Responsible Gun Owners in general...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Most of us don't carry be ...

but about a specific nutcase who will not acknowledge any need for a balanced response.
The kind of loonie which gives the responsible gun owners a bad name. I perfectly understand the need you feel to have means of self-protection. I am definitely not attacking that. If you're a sane, well-balanced person with due education on their use, you're probably safe with a gun. However, Rick there was saying some things that lead me to unavoidable conclusion that he is not perfectly sane, and is certainly not a well-balanced individual, and his other obnoxious behavior on that thread provides further evidence.

Now: Becabill, sadly I have quite a long trip ahead of me if you were to invite me over, so it might be difficult to make it. It would have nothing to do with your weapons, in fact I trust you on needing them, and that I'd probably be safer as your guest on account of them. Rick is another matter, he's apparently short a number of shingles - and crazies don't need firearms to be dangerous - often it is exactly their lack of reasonable responses which makes them dangerous.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Most of us don't carry be ...

"Our experience (like it or not) with social inequality has placed us at a level of fear from attack seldom seen in other countries."

I don't think I've lived five minutes of my adult life in fear of physical attack. Maybe your experience has you living in fear, but that doesn't make it 'our' experience.

"Furthermore, what we learned in the Revolution taught us that we cannot repel tyrants with a standing army, but must rely on our ability to draw on our on forceful resources ..."

I don't see the possibility of repelling tyrants by armed force as still existing in the US in the 21st century, but that's just me.

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The way it's supposed to work

by robo_dev In reply to becabill,

Where I live, in a suburb of a major US metropolitan area, there was a daylight home invasion robbery attempt in our subdivision.

Despite this one event, crime is very low where I Iive. The perception is that America is such a dangerous place to be is often misguided. The number of violent crimes in my city is a half-dozen per year, the murder-rate is zero, and the biggest crime is property theft.

In the robbery attempt, there were two kids at home when the bad guys broke in, so they hid and called **1. Two neighbors heard both glass breaking and also called **1. The first police unit was on the scene in under one minute, and in under three minutes, there were, quite literally, 15 police cars in my subdivision (sounded like WW III with all the sirens).

The K9 unit got one bad guy, and the officers got the other one in the house. No shots were fired, the bad guys were not armed, and nobody got hurt.

I got video footage of the perp vehicle on my home video surveillance system before they committed the crime, one neighbor had already got vehicle description and tag number.

One of my neighbors waved hello to one of the bad guys in their car (they do that here) and the bad guy made the mistake of trying to hide his face inside his hoodie...this prompted her to get the vehicle tag number.

Here the police are VERY very good. Well equipped, highly trained, even polite and courteous. They have a good relationship with the community, have some of the latest technology, and do their job very well. The simple fact that they have overlapping shift changes meant that twice the number of officers were on duty when the call came in. They have high-speed license plate scanners on their police cars and regularly recover lots of stolen cars.

Personally, I take security surveillance, alarm system, dog, common sense. We also have neighbors who watch out for others and, as I mentioned, a fantastic police force.

My tax dollars pay for these great police, and despite folks who bad-mouth 'the government' and 'the cops', that's not my feeling about it.

Do I really need to keep a keep a MP5 with a flash-suppressor under my pillow or mow the lawn with a .357 magnum tucked into my waistband? No.

I can just punch the code **1 into my iPhone, and I get three or four highly trained and well-armed police officers at my home within a minute or two. That's how it's supposed to work.

Last time I checked, there were no tyrants lurking in the City Hall of my town, nor am I all that worried that my neighbors have no standing army. I'd rather just walk the dog and not drink so much coffee.

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The operative words there..

by jp85257 In reply to The way it's supposed to ...

are "that's how it's supposed to work".

It doesn't all the time. In locations with budget woes, police and firemen are stretched to the limit, so your minute or two to wait for police response turns into 15 to 20 minutes. That's how it REALLY works.

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Why are there budget woes?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to The operative words there ...

That's a choice.
Or if not, it's a question of taxation being spent too locally... if all the poor people are crammed into one part of the town, that part of town will have budget woes - and that's not really clever. To say nothing of fair.
Crime has a tendency to cross boundaries, you see.

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You're right....

by jp85257 In reply to Why are there budget woes ...

we need a specific quota of poor people per square mile. But who's to to decide what that quota should be and how do we move poor people to other location to make it "fair"?

Of course, the big question is : Who's going to pay for it?

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to You're right....

Can't force people to move, and can't very well dump a trailer park in the middle of well-to-do neighborhoods... that's practically communistic!!!

But money moves admirably... the rich are well served by near-by poor-person living areas being well serviced. Just they don't realize it, and prefer gated communities. The increasing isolation of the rich from the surrounding nation isn't really a viable trend, is it?

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Don't knock it, Ansu

by santeewelding In reply to You're right....

We could be looking at our own version of a Black Death sweeping the world and scything livelihoods.

If so, you can live in mine. I'll send you out as emissary to the poor. Report back, if you come back, in your finery.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to You're right....

You think it will work to tell people where they can and cannot live?
Doesn't work with immigrants who are easily defined, then why would it work with people not so easily defined? Brand "POOR" across the foreheads? Put bells on their clothes? Or maybe require them to sew a "0$"-patch onto their clothes?

People want to organize themselves, and to live among people whose culture they recognize. It's up to the administrative entities to smooth out the demographic wrinkles... otherwise you'll see wealthy neighborhoods with 0% local taxes and expensive for-profit alternatives (so the those pesky poor can't afford to live there).
Not a good way to stave off the days of wrath.

Fineries, is it?

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