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remoate administer end users

By michael.burgess ·
What is the most efficient way to remote administer end user PC's.

Currently we use netmeeting but the users can disable this if they want to...........

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Depends on the network

by Oz_Media In reply to remoate administer end us ...

IN my case I have two clients that I administer (or push patches and updates to ) through Novell's ZenWorks, apparently it also works in a Windoze enviro too.

For another customer, I use Remote Administrator (RADMIN)but this can be disabled by the user, if he/she dares to that is.

Another small client i have I just use PC Anywhere for chechups etc. That is enabled as needed though and not left running.

If your users disable a network installed product (netmeeting) why are they not reprimanded for it?
anyone shutting down one of my remote clients would be in supreme S**T! If it continued, an audit would take place and the user either removed or suspended. It is interfereing with the company and the company's ability to control computer systems (THAT THEY OWN) and the usage of them. It is no different than someone installng Webshots or a game when a software policy is in place, you are simply telling your company that you don't care what the rules are.

I don't think your problem is software related, it's the clowns that feel they have control of thier computers, not the company. Slap em up the side of the head or tell the boss they are interfering with the company's resources and let the boss deal with it.

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by mgosselin In reply to remoate administer end us ...

Look up Win VNC on google - free download - basic server/viewer application that (once installed on every comuter - password protected) allows you to take over/monitor their computer. They can watch as you do your thing - or you can black out their screen if you need to. Or you can sit back and watch what they do, without them even knowing you're there.

Make sure you read all of the documentation - so you understand the proper way to set it up and use it. Also make sure to check out the FAQ's on their website as they have registry hacks that allow you to inhibit the users ability to uninstall/ tamper with settings/ even close the application or uninstall.

You may also want to think about creating a group policy in AD that inhibits any users ability to add/remove or close certain applications. If you need guidance, check out technet and search for group policy. This might relieve your problems about users messing with your stuff.

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Dameware can be used to

by SteveF68 In reply to Win VNC

Dameware mini-remote control can be used for this purpose. It can be remotely installed and it installs as a windows service that you can set to automatic or manual startup. You can also lock the remote users out of their keyboard and mouse while you are working on it. Dameware puts and icon in the tray, but you can turn that off also so your users wont know if you are watching them.

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Tight VNC is best free VNC

by lbofh In reply to Win VNC

I have used 3 free versions of VNC: the original WinVNC, Real VNC and Tight VNC.
If you're going to use VNC, check out Tight VNC. You can add a registry key to hide the tray icon, set which port it uses, etc.
If you are looking for a commercial product, Tridia VNC makes both a free version and a commercial version that has LOTS of additional options, like sending a message to the user or chatting with the user. It is nice to be able to send a quick message to the user when you want to let them know you're connecting to work on something. Good luck!

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Radmin is the de-facto hands down the best

by LordInfidel In reply to remoate administer end us ...

while winvnc is free, it can still be killed.
Where Radmin runs as a service, and can run in stealth mode, meaning they will never know it is installed.

It also integrates with NTSecurity for access rights.

It has built-in IPfilters and you can change what port it is listening on. It will log to either the event log, a logfile or both.

You can do telnet, view-only, shutdown, log off user, file transfer's, full control. All from within a single session. Plus you can specify using ntsecurity what user has which specific rights. So if you give someone view-only access, then that is all they can do.

At $35 per license, it beats everything on the market. Plus it has natively built-in 128bit encryption.

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by dwdino In reply to remoate administer end us ...

This is our remote client.

File transfers, remote audio/video, chat, much much more.

It also runs as a server, can be made unkillable, informs users when you connect (law in some areas), integrates with AD or SAM.

Whew, anyway, highly recommended.

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