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By Tlittle88 ·
Hey there,
I work in a school as an ICT technician and I sometimes need to log onto my computer at my home network.

I currently use LogMeIn but it is kind of slow and very limited.

Is there any way of maybe using OpenVPN or VNC to access my home network of the internet?
Taking into account that my internet is restricted at work due to the proxy and Webserve
Hope to hear from you


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VNC Redirector

by jswentworth In reply to Remote access

If you have access to an open server outside of the work network you can use the UltraVNC redirector to configure a server, then both systems connect as outgoing connections, bypassing firewall concerns.
You can read more about it here:

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by Tlittle88 In reply to VNC Redirector

Well i have tried UltraVNC and i can't seem to get it to work. Though i am still unsure of how it does wrok i have never really used it before.

And i dont have access to an open server i just have a computer that is stuck behind a proxy and my home computer which has a NAT i believe.

But i have tried to use the NAT to NAT tool but it times out every time.

And i dont have a website to host the repeater on.

Any ideas?

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Re: UltraVNC

by jswentworth In reply to UltraVNC

Well, if you don't have a server outside of the network and you need to go from the unsecure side (your home PC) to the secure side (Work PC) then configuring UltraVNC Viewer in listen mode at your office, and connecting with the server via home is your best bet I think. You'll have to do some port forwarding at home to handle that...
If you're trying to make an outbound VNC connection to your home from work and are being stifled by the firewall settings then you're probably out of look for any solution except GoToMyPC or LogMeIn. Both of those work on some kind of repeater principle.

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by Tlittle88 In reply to Re: UltraVNC

What about OpenVPN set up on my home network and the viewer side on my office computer?

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Is rdp out of the question?

by dr.engnr In reply to Remote access

if the firewall is blocking 3389 you can reassign the rdp port on your home machine to something inconspicuous. check this out:

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by Tlittle88 In reply to Is rdp out of the questio ...

I dont think i have a problem with my computer at home becuase i can access it when i am on my home network just find it is just when i try and access it from work.

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