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By ARANA04 ·
We are using Win2K Server on one dc. I made the mistake of enabling Remote Acccess. From what I read it was exactly what I needed. When I came in the next day- no one could print, I could not see the server in the network from workstations. I disabled the RAS for the server in administrative tools hoping to head back to where we started- no not that easy. The printing is back up now but I am getting the message "(domain name) is not available. The list of servers or this workgroup is not available" This is coming up all over the domain when anyone tries to access the server for shared folders and some printing. All I wanted was to access from home to catch up adding users and troubleshoot from home when they call. This is a school with 70 workstations,40 teacher users and 150 student users (which I need to add). Boy is hindsight 20/20. Help is appreciated. Please advise if more info is needed.
Thank you, Arana

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by zaferus In reply to Remote Access

I'm sure this goes without saying, but you have a serious problem on your hands. RRAS shouldn't "**** up" a server like this.

From my experience chasing each little problem is going to get your nowhere and take a long time for the trip.

Go through and do a backup of all the data on the server. Now COPY this data to a secondary point (just in case). Now restore your AD and server files to the point before RRAS was installed. This is what backups are for. Now restore your users data back overtop and test. If this doesn't work you will have to act quick to get a plan to rebuild your server. The late nights for this will suck, but many of us who have been around for a while have been there for early am to early am shifts. At least this didn't happen after school has started.

Next time you want remote access, use a VPN. It will cause you less grief.


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by ARANA04 In reply to

Thank you. I have 2 more servers, all 3 identical, that are not in use. You are correct on chasing the problems. One of them may be an option if it comes to that. I will give this a try. Thanks again. Oh- by the way- school was in :-( Arana

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by ARANA04 In reply to Remote Access

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