Remote Access- Can I tell if someone has accessed my computers files?

By Schoolcat ·
My netgear DG834GT router was recently reset to its default security settings, which are very basic. I believe someone has tried to gain access to my files/ browsing history etc through remote access (they have got hold of the original network key to turn remote access on) using a wifi connection. Is this easy to achieve and does this leave a trace on the router or my computer and if so where/ how can i find it?

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Anything is easy to do if you know how

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Remote Access- Can I tell ...

Reset your Router and change the Password/Phrase to something else and don't tell anybody what it is. Though if others have Physical access to it all they have to do is press the Reset Button on the back.

As for if your files have been accessed look at them in either My Computer or Explorer and see when they where last open. That is of course assuming that you are using some form of Windows.


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