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    Remote Access connection


    by dansolution7000 ·

    We have three separate building office with distance that is more than 80 meters. I have designed LAN for this separate office. Only one office that has internet access. Now My MD proposed to me that I should connect other two separate office for internet access. Really,we have intercom between these offices.I thought if i can use router to connect other offices for internet access through intercom.
    But within the office that has internet access the sharing of internet is very slow when other users are on internet. what could i do since we are using phone dialog and WINXP as our OS

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      by troypogi ·

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      usually, the number of users and the applications that run using the internet connection would determine the appropriate bandwidth for the connection. an increase in bandwidth would probably do the trick.

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      by pnunez ·

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      First what type of internet access do the central office has. Second how are you connecting. If you want reliability and speed you can get a Cisco 3005 VPN Concentrator, this will allow you to have 50 connection at 4Mbps and will provide your business with the scalability needed for future growth.

      In addition if you are connecting to the site via modem, don’t expect to get anything greater that 56Kbps. Bottom line is the best way to do this and add scalability to your business is with the Cisco VPN concentrator, also this will function as the router and will provide your company with many different benefits.

      Any question visit the Cisco site or email, if you need help or need to purchase this hardware.

      Pedro Nunez Bautista
      CCNA, Linux +

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      by wlbowers ·

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      Without knowing the nodes on your network and the computers in the other two buildings. The answers I will give are going to seem vague.

      If the internet connection in it’s current state is slow you won’t like it if you tack on two other buildings of computers. Look at the options of increasing your internet connection.

      The service load of an office building could vary a great deal depending on if you have 10 computers or 50 computers. This could be the difference in running cat5 or fiber optics. Another option is if you have a direct line of site, you could go with a wireless ethernet.

      These are options I look at and select depending on the cost to install.

      Another thing to look at. If you can put a dsl or T1 connection at the other two buildings you could then tunnel back to the main building with routers for the intranet connection.

      Provide us with the following and you will get lots of good answers.

      Number of computers in each building
      Speed of your current internet access.
      Can cable be run to those buildings following the current intercom cable path.(is there conduit or are the cables run on poles)

      The cabling questions could be answered by asking the people that service your phones.


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