Remote Access / Domain Problems

By elcentro3m ·
I have two PCs which were having login problems.

Typically, when that's the case, I disconnect and
then reconnect them to the domain.

On these two pcs, when i did that, I got the
following error message:

"A Domain Controller for the Domain xxxxx
could not be contacted"

When I attempt to establish a remote desktop
connection, I can't by domain name. But, I can
using the IP address of the server.

When I look at the account information for
the two PCs, neither has a Domain_Name.

Other PCs which I establish remote desktop
connections from do have a Domain_Name.

I'm using Win2k server.

I've gone out to:

and port 3389 returns a connection timed out
error msg

In looking at the IPConfig settings both local
and remote, I get:

Server side:

Host Name: Yes (I get the proper name)
Primary DNS Suffix: Yes (I get the proper name)
Node Type: Broadcast

IP Routing: No
WINS Proxy Enabled: No
DNS Suffix Search List: Yes (I get the proper name)

Connection-specific DNS Suffix: (Blank)
Description: Broadcom NexXtreme Gigabit Ethernet
Physical Address: Yes (NIC Card MAC address)
DHCP Enabled: No
IP Address: Yes (Used to Remote Connect)
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: 192.168.11
DNS Servers: Yes (Two - Primary and Secondary)

It looks like the primary culprit may be
the lack of DNS for the specific PCs.

But, I'm not sure that explains the inability
to connect via remote desktop by anything other
than IP Address.

Or that it explains the

"A Domain Controller..." error message

At this point, I'm lost.



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by ---TK--- In reply to Remote Access / Domain Pr ...

remove the pc from the domain, go into AD and remove the workstation from the domain, reboot the problem PC (should tell you to), rejoin the PC to the domain. also you could try and run DNS flush on the pc that will not join.

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