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Remote Access - Help!

By emargel ·
Currently have a lan with 2 Unix servers and a NT4 sp6a with proxy 2 and exchange 5.5 on it. I have users that dial in and authenticate on the server to use the internet access and connect to exchange. They also need to use telnet to access the Unixserver as well. Recently a problem has occurred whereby they still authenticate but cannot ping, telnet or connect to any shares on the network other than the server that the authenticate on. I have checked all the common remedies and searched various newgroups where I have found others with the same problem but alas without any answers. After connecting to the server I can go to Network Neighborhood and drill down to the lan and see the PCs but when I try to connect to a share I get the dreaded error //computername is not accessible. The network path was not found. I believe it is something very networking basic and the ping, telnet and inability to connect to any shares on the lan are all related. Thanks in advance.

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Remote Access - Help!

by Joseph Moore In reply to Remote Access - Help!

Wait, the users are dialing into one of the NT machines? Ok. It is NT Terminal Edition, or just normal NT4 Server?
If plain NT4, do you have RAS enabled, and a modem hanging off the server?

Please answer these questions, just to clear this all up. But I am guessing that you are only having a routing issue.

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Remote Access - Help!

by emargel In reply to Remote Access - Help!

RAS is enabled and working as I can authenticate thru DUN on the server. Over the weekend did install Netbeui and also found a second IP address (which was removed) on the internal NIC. Now I can dial in, authenticate, ping, telnet and connect as ifI were on the lan. I suspect the install of Netbeui probably fixed the problem. Thanks for all that responded..............

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