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Remote Access Issues (Remote Location with Same IP/Subnet)

By simon ·
Hi there.

Our internal office us running 192.168.1.x / address scheme.

When we are in a hotel that provides high speed internet access - we can't access our servers in the office via PPTP if the hotel network is also 192.168.1.x /

How can we get around this problem WITHOUT changing our internal IP addressing scheme in the office?

Our notebooks are running XP.

Any suggestion is appreciated. =)

-- Simon.

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Mapped IP

by stelardragon In reply to Remote Access Issues (Rem ...

We had a similar problem and found that in order to gain outside access to our server, we had to purchase from our ISP/TELECOM service a static IP and had it mapped to the particular IP we were trying to access from remote services. In short, if the IP address of your server is 192.168.XXX.X, the new (public IP) would point to this address. Hope this helps, like I said our problem was similar.

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Route add

by noelokell In reply to Remote Access Issues (Rem ...

You should be able to add a persistant route saying that any traffic for 192.168.1.x goes via a particular gateway. Have a look at "ROUTE PRINT" and see what the routs are, change them to suit.

Another thing would be to carry a router, set the subnet to a different range than work. Use the Hotels Ethernet as an uplink to that router and away you go.

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