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Remote Access Policies for Software Support

By CompHelpNJ ·
Our company has VERY strict network policies to keep out spam, viruses, and hackers. In keeping with this policy, they refuse to allow ANYONE access to our Windows 2000 network from the outside (remote users) unless they are a company employee, and even then only under certain conditions. This means that outside vendors can no longer provide software support by remote access. Our satellite offices suffer as a result because any software issues require a vendor service call, when a simple 15 minute remote session could easily resolve the problem. Our only option is to have the office software loaded within corporate's DMZ, however since HQ are located in another state this would cause tremendous performance issues.

My question is: Does this policy seem extreme, or standard in the corporate world? Any suggestions how to get them to modify their network policies to allow remote software support from outside vendors?

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Strict? no.

Do you not have any internal tech's that can troubleshoot the issues?

From my experience, they're finally catching up to the norm. We have never allowed outside vendors remote access to our networks, and even vendors that come in are not allowed to put their systems on our network.

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3rd party software requires 3rd party support

by CompHelpNJ In reply to Strict? no.

Internal tech support is not an option for a new software package that is being installed. Support and bug fixes can only be handled by the vendor that knows their own system.

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if there is no possible way for your internal techs to support the 3rd party app, you'll just have to rely on phone support between either 3rd party techs and your techs or the 3rd party techs and your users. shouldn't be too difficult.

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SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

by Wayne M. In reply to Remote Access Policies fo ...

I have never worked at a company or client site that allowed vendors remote access to the systems. I can't imagine a vendor even asking for such access.

Have your vendors get in the car and come out and fix the problem. If you have too much downtime because of this, consider getting a new vendor.

The company policy sounds quite standard, so I would advise against trying to change it. The requests will fall on deaf ears. Do, however, make your vendors explain why you are having so much trouble that they should be given remote access. That is your problem.

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