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Remote Access Query

By gongchamp ·
I have a small network 4pc's\laptop's and a Server.
Pc's and Server have static IP Addresses and access the internet thru a Internet Access Server (IAS), the IAS is connteced to a small hub/switch and has DHCP disabled so as pc's can use 'autodetect settings' to access the internet

The server has an internal modem contected to a line that shares a fax.

Now my Q's are: should I dial straight to the modem on the server or can I do it thru the IAS?

If I use the modem will I have to enable DHCP on the IAS or Server 'cause it prompts me in the wizard to configure it, ....I didnt want to mess with IAS cause i didnt want to screw with something that works.

Basically I want Remote Access, ...can someone help?

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by bdgray In reply to Remote Access Query

It realy depends on what kind of remote access you need. Do you need access to all four PCs? Or just 1? Dou you need access to the applications on those PCs?

If you need access to just the server I would use VNC(Virtual Network Computing.) Itis free and is similar to PC Anywhere or Carbon Copy if you have used those.

You can download VNC from:

If you need access to all four computers I would still use VNC but it may be better to dial in to the server and get your automatic network settings. Then you could connect to each one of the four PCs by host name.

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by gongchamp In reply to VNC

In answer to your suggestions, I only need access to the w2k server. The modem shares its line with a fax which tries to answer any dial ins - so this doesnt work. The Internet Access Server seems to be the way in ...but how? Do I dial the line No. this is on or use VPN and use the address of the IAS or the win2k server im trying to access?
Thanks for your help regarding VNC but i'll have to grips with how it all works first.


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More Detail

by bdgray In reply to Remote Access Query

Hello Steve,

You would connect to it using it real internet IP address of your IAS. What you will need to do is setup, if possible, the redirection of port 5900 of the puplic IP to the IP address of your internal W2K server.

Install the VNC software on your Win2K server and the run the "Install VNC Service from your start menu. Make sure to password protect the service to guard against unauthorized access. Then you set up the redirection on your IAS. Then you can run the viewer from anywhere on the internet to access your Server.

Hope this helps!

Bradley D. Gray

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IAS trouble

by gongchamp In reply to More Detail

Hi Brad,

Im not sure if it was assumed but the IAS is connected to the internet via a modem.
The suggestion of possible redirection 'of port 5900 of the puplic IP to the IP address' is, unfortunately, a bit out of my league.
Could you please explain the process. Ive tried to ping (from home) the IP address of the IAS and my server but they both 'time out'.
Ive allowed 'dial in' on the IAS with no 'call back' and tried to connect with admin. name and password but to no avail.
Seeing that I cant ping anyway it is a futile exercise, I onthe right track?

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the help is appreciated.


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