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Remote Access Software

By nixer ·
Does anyone know of a decent software that I could use to remotely control another XP workstation?

I would like to be able to control workstations that are on a network and one that is not (my own pc). I know xp has remote assistance but I am looking for something were I would not need another person at the other station.

Also, is it possible to to create a sometype of network (WAN) between just two computers when 1 has a dialup and the other has dsl?

I know these may be simple questions to most of you. I just figured I would ask.


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Remote Desktop

by vico In reply to Remote Access Software

Xp has remote desktop as well. It's more like terminal services where you can access your pc from anywhere.

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Remote Access

by rapid_sun In reply to Remote Desktop

How can i remote XP from out site? which software do i need to remote from outside to windows XP and configuration in XP or not?

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Radmin v2.0

by LordInfidel In reply to Remote Access Software

It is light weight, cheap and does the job better then any other remote tool out there.

Runs as a service and is intergrated with NT security. Also you can customize the port it listens on.

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by ND_IT In reply to Radmin v2.0

We use Romote Admin on our WAN, and works great, and there doesn't need to be a person on the other end. I think it is one of the cheaper remote softwares out there.

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Real VNC

by chutchings In reply to Remote Access Software

This is the program used where I work. It is very simple to use. It is also free @

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by ghstinshll In reply to Remote Access Software

Get VNC, and run it as a service. I believe it has the option built in to do that. You had better keep very strong passwords on those machines! VNC requires its own password to rant access...

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