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Remote Access Solution

By jrace ·
I work for a small business that provides multifunction printers and IT services to customers in our area. Many times we are required to send one of our technicians out to fix problems that could be fixed remotely if we had a remote access connection to their PC.

The problem is this. The owner does not want the customers to have to change any of their system setups in order to do this, which means I can't use VPN or any solution that would require changes to their infrastructure.

I've been looking at several solutions including PC Anywhere Remote Access Server and Citrix Online's GoToMyPc.Com Corporate but at this point I'm looking for feedback from other Network Admins that have had to implement similar solutions.

I am hesitant, though, to use a service such as because I am not really comfortable with the idea of adding an additional point of failure into the mix. And there are security issues in doing this as well.

What experiences have you all had with setting up a Remote Access Solution that needed to work with customers' network without them making changes to their security/firewall policies?


Jason Race
Network Administrator
Kemper Business Systems
Melbourne, FL 32901

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No Problem...

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Remote Access Solution
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Remote access

by jpknox287 In reply to No Problem...

Try they offer a free remote tool similar to gotomypc they also have logmeinrescue which i recommend it allows you to shadow the user, try the trial and see how you like it.

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Best Remote Access Tool

by mel In reply to Remote Access Solution

Have A look at the Syberfix Professional Suite. I have tried the logmein,webex.gotomypc,and others. I found the syberfix tool not only performs the best, it has built in management tools that allows me to track, bill and manage my customers.

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Right tool for you

by JamesHsh In reply to Remote Access Solution

I'm using Desktop Authority. Our network consists of more than 130 workstations spread across 3 floors. Before - unceasing runings to every floor for only little network tuning things - I can't wish this to nobody :-)

And now - I can control my network from one place.

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Secure services for you

by webjabber In reply to Remote Access Solution

a Web-hosted SSL VPN services provider, can be your good choice. No changing required on your firewall for both side. Only needs is Java Enable Browser with JRE1.4+. All functions are implemented as Applet. When you close the browser, nothing left on you client's computer.

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Try This !!! Free Web Remote Desktop Access

by mymail In reply to Remote Access Solution

Remote Access through normal http/https connection (secured, firewall traversal, ...). The solution can be freely downloaded and distributed from site

Try this !!!

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