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    Remote Access solutions and Online server backup solutions


    by jacenkoj ·

    My company is in a situation where we’re being sold off by our corporate parent company. Hence we now have to support our main office and 4 others spread across the US.

    Looking for advice for remote access software. I’ve tried GoToAssist and really like that but are there any other recommended solutions? I’ve looked at reviews of some other products and they all point back to GoToAssist and the other products I’ve looked at require a per PC supported fee as the accessed computer requires the software not the host doing the accessing.

    Also the 4 sites have file servers that need to be backed up. We’re looking at removing the human element and offsiting tapes as it’s reletively smallish amount of data that needs to be backed up (under 30 gig per site). I’ve looked at Mozy, Carbonite, and Barracuda. The problem with them seems to be the lack of retention. They all seem to either only keep a current state backup or in Mozy’s case can go back 30 days… Are there any other products that do a better job but are still reasonably priced?

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      by jacenkoj ·

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      Hope this helps

      by brentamills ·

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      Is your goal to simply support the branch offices and users from the head office? If yes there are several out there that you can use and it just really depends upon what your ultimate goal is. If you?re looking for monitoring type software usage so you?re aware of issues before your users at the site are you will need to go a little different route.
      Following are the ones that you can take a look at
      1.) Teamviewer
      2.) Cisco webex
      3.) Radadmin
      4.) UltraVNC
      Those are just some you can check if you have not already.
      Some of these will work easily through NAT if you so desire.
      All of these are decent solutions dependant of course, upon what your business need is.
      As to the backup if you gave more info on what your ultimate goal is perhaps we can give you some ideas . Do you want to backup everything on the sites to your main office or another site in the same location? What is the throughput on the sites as well as what OS are you running on the servers?
      Hope this helps somewhat and I apologize for the length of the reply

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