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Remote Access .tmp file creation

By nschloss ·
W2K SP2 / MFrame 1.8 SP3

I know this may be a Citrix issue, but thought mayber Terminal Services works the same way. Not getting any help from Citrix ...

Noticed every time there is a remote access to the server, a group of scs*.tmp files is created in \winnt\temp.
Why are these being created? I can safely delete non-current ones? See sample below of one file's contents. Also seeing some .pdl and .idx but much fewer in number.
Educate me please!

@echo off
REM AUTOEXEC.BAT is not used to initialize the MS-DOS environment.
REM AUTOEXEC.NT is used to initialize the MS-DOS environment unless a
REM different startup file is specified in an application's PIF.
REM Install CD ROM extensions
lh M:\WINNT\system32\mscdexnt.exe
REM Install network redirector (load before dosx.exe)
lh M:\WINNT\system32\redir
REM Install DPMI support
lh M:\WINNT\system32\dosx

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by Chris.. In reply to Remote Access .tmp file c ...

All this is doing is setting the dos environment for the shared environment of TS/Citrix. You can delete the unused ones if you like, but if space isn't a huge consideration it might be best to leave them.

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by nschloss In reply to

Appreciate the effort - thanks for the response.

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by nschloss In reply to Remote Access .tmp file c ...

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