Remote access to an MS Access database on a desktop machine

By cisco124 ·
I am in the process of designing an Access 2000 database for a small business (Garden Design).
The database is installed on a desktop machine at the business premises.

How can I set it up for remote (Internet) access by 1/2 users?

I'm doing well with the database design, but have no experience of this sort of deployment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Access Workgroups

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Remote access to an MS Ac ...

First you need to configure the folder where the database is as a share so others can access it.
Then for shared access, you need to set up a workgroup and add users (in Access 2003 its in Tools, Security, Workgroup Administrator). The System.mdw should also be stored in the share as well so all users can access it.

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Internet access to Access 2000 database

by cisco124 In reply to Access Workgroups

Hi, P.J.
Thanks for your reply. It has been helpful.
However, I need to set it up for 1-2 users to access the database on the Internet.
Can I do this?
I am using Access 2000 and Windows XP Pro installed on one desktop machine.

Dominic Rocks

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Need a web server

by jdmercha In reply to Remote access to an MS Ac ...

You need a web server that is on the Internet. This can be one of the desktop PCs. Then you need to build a web site using ASP.

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Need a web server

by cisco124 In reply to Need a web server

Thank you for your reply, jdmercha.
The small company the database is for have a website hosted on an ISP.
When I was at college we touched on ASP (I mean touched!).
Can we host a website on a desktop PC?
I know I could build Data Access Pages and load them onto the existing website. the problem is time. They want it finished quick.
I've been following the 'Remote Access' post here and have been thinking of using Radmin or a similar program.
Any other suggestions?

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Remote Desktop

Have you thought about remote desktop? Only one person at a time would be able to connect but would not have to "create web pages."

Teaching IS

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Wouldn't he be able to use

by Susan1979 In reply to Remote Desktop

PC Anywhere to access the system?

For a situation where only 2 people are accessing the system, just seems like it would be more cost effective than another system, web page, etc.

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Please Reply me

by LuckySoft In reply to Remote access to an MS Ac ...

I need your halp in MS Access, i have make the Database but i want to run the .exe setup file and Desktop application, no any budy permission to change any thing in this project,

Liaquat Ali,
IT Manager

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