Remote Access to Companyweb on SBS 2003

By mhodby ·
I have a SBS 2003 with SQL server installed. I ahve a couple of questions based on remote access:

1. I am able to access companyweb remotely via https:/domain:444 without problem. However when i try to access the 3 standard links on right (Info, Remote E-mail and Server Management), the URL displayed and directed to is the local server URL. Needless to say I am not able to connect. What changes and where do I need to make them in order to make the links active from external as well as internal. Similarly, what changes are needed and where in order to have everyone access via RWW rather than https://domain:444?

2. Also, I want to back up and restore a companyweb site including added pages and sub-sites. I have backed up SQL data. Where is the site (pages and links) data and how to both back-up and restore?

3. In order to remotely log onto the server via RWW, does the PC I am using have to be a domain PC? The reason I ask is that I can get to the logo on but when I try to enter a user name all keys only return either "A" or "B". So for example, user name "Admin" resolves "Ababa".

Any clues to the above 3 questions?

Thanks for any assistance.

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Follow these links

by Jacky Howe In reply to Remote Access to Companyw ...

1. Port 4125 TCP Remote Web Workspace.

2. How to back up and restore.**12

3. No the PC does not have to be on a Domain for Remote Access.

Hope this helps get you up and running.

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Almost there...

by mhodby In reply to Follow these links

Hi, Thanks.

The issue on question 1 was settings in IIS which i have now resolved.

Would like to clarify regards question 2 before i do anything. My companyweb is backed up as part of the normal system backup as opposed to having gone into SQL and IIS specifically. I am able to restore the SQL data through backup no problem. How do I restore the web site, sub-sites and pages, and subsequently restore links to the data. If it is impossible to do so, is there any way I can link to the data in the database via a newly created companyweb site?

Thanks again.

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This should help

by Jacky Howe In reply to Almost there...
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Not quite

by mhodby In reply to This should help

No joy. Must have missed some information to you. Re-cap and expansion:

1. Have backed up server
2. Rebuilt server machine
3. Established new users within machine (seems this could pose an AD problem going by the KB you sent)

Attempting to achieve the following result:

1. Use back-up files to restore old data to SQL SharePoint DB (I do not have and cannot create a file created using other means than standard back-up)
2. Restore old companyweb site so that previous sub-sites are available and linked to data (as above, cannot create site back-ups using other means than standard back-up)

Reason for not being able to create new back-ups is simple: daily back-up data is available, but server has already been re-built so the sites are no longer available live in their previous format.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Not quite

you didn't have a proper Backup of the Company Web, you will have to rebuild it. I don't think that Restoring the Company Web and SQL from Backup is going to work.

Someone with a bit more knowledge in this area might chime in and correct me if I am wrong. :)

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by mhodby In reply to If

I suspected as much.


Thanks anyhow

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I wish

by Jacky Howe In reply to Understood

that there was an easier way. Good Luck :)

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