Remote access to my desktop at home

By uj9vy1 ·
I am trying to acces my home computer from my office without success.
I have Belkin modem. I have set the Port forwarding IP address to the IP address of the desktop. When I try for example files://nnnn.nnnn.nnnn.nnnn:3389 , it comes back with an error message that it can't find the address.
Any help on this will be appreciated.

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What utility are you using ?

by jparks In reply to Remote access to my deskt ...

A lot of folks where I work insist on using Remote Desktop for this. It seems to work most of the time. What utility are you using to do your remote access ? Direct IP connection or what ?

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Try Shields Up! and Dynamic DNS.

by James A Bailey In reply to Remote access to my deskt ...

First you should go to and run Shields Up! to make sure that the port is open to connections. You'll have to do a single port probe.

Do you have a Static IP address from your ISP, or like most, is it provided by DHCP?

If DHCP do the following.

Find a free Dynamic DNS service like and set up an account. This will monitor your internet connection and update the DNS record you create every time your external (private) ip address changes.

Using the dyndns service you'll have to type in domainname:3389 into Remote Desktop Client in order to connect.

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Does your ISP block the ports

by Fred123456 In reply to Remote access to my deskt ...

Some of the US provides block port usage like 80 so you can't host your own web server on your connection.
Perhaps the ISP is blocking use of the port?

Other idea, is Windows firewall enabled on the PC at home? It sounds like you setup port fowarding on your Cable/Dsl FW Router but perhaps you have WinFW enabled also?

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