Remote Access To My Sons Computer

By CcPunk28 ·
Hello guys, I have a question about connecting to my sons computer. He's in his teens and I want to monitor what he is downloading and getting into on there without him knowing it. He spends too much time on there so I am a bit concerned.

So my question is.. do you know what would be a good program (With the most features) I can use to get access to his computer without something sitting in his task bar or somewhere like in his program files where he would notice it. He's not dumb when is comes to modern day technology. Also I would like it to be a startup deal so that after he does a restart I can still monitor what is going on. Everyone in the family has McAfee Anti-Virus, SpyBot S&D, and Uniblue SpyEraser running on our machines so I would like this program not to be picked up by them.

If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated! I just need to know what part I put on my wife and I's computer and what I put on his. Thank you all so much!


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Does that mean you do not trust your OWN son?.

If you have Mcafee running then you can block certain websites through here, also you can block certain websites through your router if needed. Or if you must get this.
parental software:

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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A quick Google search for remote monitoring had 7,880,000 hits

by OnTheRopes In reply to Remote Access To My Sons ...

This one looks promising though I have no experience with it: <br><br>
So, does this mean that you'll be spending a lot more time at your computer watching him at his computer? :^0 :^0 <br><br>
Sorry, I think that's funny.<br><br>
If I had younger children in this household I believe I'd want to see what they're doing too. As it is now I don't care what anyone does and don't have the feeling that my not caring is going to bite me.<br><br>
Good luck.<br><br>
One question: What's the correct amount of time to spend at a computer?

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Methinks Colin would disapprove of us TR peers ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to A quick Google search for ...

And the time we spend each day, sitting in front of (or close to) a whirring computer.

He certainly wouldn't like me much. :^0

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It doesn't even have to be turned on.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Methinks Colin would disa ...

I've found myself sitting here during a power outage with my hand on my computer's mouse. :^0 It just seems natural.

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by mamies In reply to Remote Access To My Sons ...

I used a free version of VNC to do this. The good thing about this program is that you cannot disable it from your computer without a password, (I think) anyway I used to use it alot to see what other users where doing so i could tell them they were on the wrong track. Never thought about spying with it but i spose it could

Make sure you get the free edition

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