Remote Access To My Work computer

By decunzo ·
I have access to my work computer from home.
Have it on my laptop and my other standard computer.
On the laptop...all of a sudden I can only access e mail and not the desktop. When I try to connect to my gives me a message invlaid server. I have checked settings and everything seems to be in order.
Am I missing something?

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That statement

by tintoman In reply to Remote Access To My Work ...

"all of a sudden I can only access e mail and not the desktop"
is bound to lead to confusion - in fact it already has with me, could you explain what you mean? do you have remote access to your work pc or not?

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I had a similar problem a couple weeks ago

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Remote Access To My Work ...

I could connect to my office from my home desktop but not my laptop. As it turned out, I have an older router that defaults to 192.168.0.XXX at home & when I initally set up my desktop to connect I had to change the IP the router was dishing out to it....I forgot to change it for the laptop. So what was happening was that I was getting a conflict with the laptop IP & another IP at work as they also use 192.168.0.XXX for their IP's....all I had to do was change the IP on the laptop & eveything was fine.

By the way, I also had access to my email far as I can figure it was because we have the email server on a different ISP than our VPN.

Anyway, just a thought....try changing your IP & see what happens.

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