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Remote admin of a win2003 server

By Chimaera_Trev ·
We have a server that contains all company software and data. For technical reasons, we are going to use a consultant to provide external support to the company and he will need access to the server across the Internet.

Internet access is provided through an ADSL router with a so called Firewall but it's very basic.

What is the best method of providing remote access securing specific devices by user ID and password without adding other hardware or software?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Kind regards.

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by NI70 In reply to Remote admin of a win2003 ...

You don't state what type of router. I know you asked about solutions without adding hardware or software, but from my experience that would be impossible to do without adding either or both. Try Linksys BEFSX41 Broadband Firewall Router, which includes a VPN endpoint.

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by Pete Russell In reply to VPN?

You could use a vnc server and then they could log in as if sitting at the system. Check out

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by Chimaera_Trev In reply to vnc?

Thanks for your reply Peter, will have a look.

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Terminal Server and VNC Console

by sbostedor In reply to vnc?

Have a look at if you get a moment. It does both.

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by Chimaera_Trev In reply to VPN?

Many thanks for your suggestion.

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Terminal Services

by blazinride In reply to Remote admin of a win2003 ...


Question, why wouldnt you simply set up remote desktop to administer the server over the internet. If you were worried about security you could always forward the default port for remote desktop to a different port. Im not saying that im right and your wrong, i was just wondering why you would go with VNC.

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by Chimaera_Trev In reply to Terminal Services


If we use Remote Desktop, is it possible to control what login has access to what on the server. Can you for example lock a remote login out of certain Folders and can you create a log of what the Remote Login does?

Many thanks for taking the time.


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Use ACLs

by timw In reply to

Yep, you can do that. You need to set up the folder permissions to suit what folders the consultant wants access to and what he doesn't want access to.

You might find this tricky though, as if he's doing stuff on the server that requires administator rights, then chances are he can override the permissions that you set simply because he's running as administrator.

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by Chimaera_Trev In reply to Use ACLs

Thought that might be the case!!

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remote desktop and locked-down port forwarding

by timw In reply to Remote admin of a win2003 ...

Set up remote desktop for the server (terminal services) and a user login with strong password for the consultant. You can then port forward an odd port on the firewall/router box to port 3389 on the server, and even secure it so that traffic to that port is only accessible from a certain IP (assuming the consultant can always come from the same IP).

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