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    Remote Administer


    by shockenyall ·

    I would like to Administer the NT Server ( too many steps away) at my desktop. What is best practice to bring admin tools/rights to my desktop. Thanks

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      by joseph moore ·

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      Well, you can copy the administrative tools from the NT Server CD and paste them on your NT/2K/XP workstation, and run them. So, you can run User Manager For Domains, or Server Manager, or Policy Editor, all from your local workstation. No install or anything is needed. Your workstation needs to be in the same Windows Domain as the server, and you would need the appropriate rights to do what you want to do.
      Now, I don’t remember what folder on the NT Server CD the tools are on (I haven’t had to even LOOK at an NT cd in a year), but you can find them. Search the NT Server CD for USRMGR.EXE, and just copy the whole folder it is in onto your machine.
      Someone else might chime in and list the folder path on the CD.

      But that is it.

      hope this helps

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      by bsj_molena ·

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      You can also download a program called WIN VNC at It is free. It does require minimum setup.

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      by vhonani ·

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      You can also create shortcuts to the admin tools so that they appear on your login at any workstation.

      Login to Wkstation
      go to Run
      type in \\servername\c$
      go to \winnt\system32
      look for usermanager icon (usrmgr) or srvrmgr icon and drag to either your desktop or if you have a roaming profile you can drag it to your profile folder.

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