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Remote Administration

By ABCComputer ·
Does anyone have a "best practices" guide for setting up remote (via internet) server/desktop administration? I'm trying to make a push to work at home one day a week to compensate for the "off hours" work that I need to do.

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best pracrices

by Jaqui In reply to Remote Administration

depend on home connection.
ideally it would require a static ip.
always use ssl or ssh.
and limit connections to that one machine.

take a look at the webmin package that linux has.
uses ssl, and a non standard port.
using firewall config you can limit it to only allow from one specific host, other than using the loopback interface. ( localhost )

admin access from outside the network is always a risk, by making sure that the access is tightly constrained you reduce the risk.

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remote admin

by jsawyer3 In reply to best pracrices
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Firewall client?

by mcseman In reply to Remote Administration

What type of firewall would you need to go through? Almost every vendor has some type of VPN vlient for access through their product. You can limit who has access through the firewall by username and some by IP address (usually requiring a static address at home). Turn on logging on the firewall for access to track your usage and time (proof of work hours).

Erik 'mcseman' Pryor

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by Choppit In reply to Remote Administration

Depends on your environment and the tools available to you. I use the same tools, except over the VPN.

Windows - Terminal Services or VNC
Linux - VNC, SSH or Webmin

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