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Remote Administration (data transfer)

By brokenthursday ·
I am an administrator on a government network and am attempting to do some new things with it as far as automatic reporting of computers goes. I need a program that will run in the background once a month basically, regardless of who is logged onto the computer, but being a gov network it has to be "secure" since alot of remote admin programs are seen as viruses by network security. I need the program to execute a macro then send a physical text document to a specified folder on our network without using e-mail of any sort. The biggest problem is the fact most users log in with a security card but I need it to be able to run no matter who, if anyone, is logged in. I know it's awfully specific but does anyone know of secure remote admin programs or the equivalent that will do this? Would windows task scheduler execute a program even if nobody were logged in since most of that is saved on the local profile of the user logged in?

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